Turning towards the calling to live and express from a place of Soul, guided by your longing, yearning and dreamings, to make real the Vision that is flowing through You.


I’m Toni-Anne 

(and I’m delighted you are here)

I help you become the author of a life that’s deeply aligned with Soul, moving beyond mind-based over-functioning, scarcity and separation, to ground your Visionary purpose without compromising that which is Sacred, Inalienable and Truly Life-Affirming.

Choose Your Doorway…

Lady Hexagon
Soul Psychology

Unlock your full potential as a human by attending to unfinished business that limits you, building capacity and inner resourcing, and opening to creative flow that will support you to potently ground the Vision flowing through you.

Soul Mentoring

Open portals of perception into the true significance of your life, clarifying your Soul purpose, power and gifts, and allowing inner vision to guide you towards that which is in deep alignment with Soul.

 Vision Quest

Vision Quest is an ancient pan-cultural ceremonial practice that is as ‘old as dirt’ and reconnects you to yourself, the Earth, and the Visionary Pulse of Aliveness that can become your guiding north star.

I’d love to hear about what’s alive and unfolding for you on your Soul Path, to see what might support you!

Your Soul path is dynamic force unto itself that is both practical and mystical in nature where the desire to live in sacred alignment with Soul, unbounded and authentically You, may catalyse a journey into the depths of remembering and empowerment.

This is a gift from Mystery itself, offering you a threshold crossing into the unknown where your Soul path suddenly becomes a wide open question and your life once again feels potent with potential.

The path of Soul allows you to take a seat at the creative cookfires of stirring Vision and opens you to receive an image, song or myth that can unlock the true purpose for your life.