Activate at your deepest level…

Written by Toni-Anne Campbell

November 27, 2023

We are at a time of collective awakening, and as hard as it can be to believe given all that we see happening in the world with warmongering, pandemics, changing climate and power grabs, the truth is that nothing is wrong.  In the cut and thrust of a creative process, all has it’s place.

Both personally and colletively, we are shifting, clarifying and evolving as many are starting to see for the first time what’s really at play, and discovering the fire within that fuels true purpose and active participation. We are sorting through what’s what, what’s truly imperative, and the direction we want to take, informed by our deeper truth.

All the frustration,

All the pain,

All the grief and sadness has a PLACE in creating a tension that cannot be ignored and is offering a cardinal direction for you to follow, if you’ll lean in and listen.

This is not a Spiritual bypass, but an opportunity that acknowledges that the reality stream you find yourself plugged into reflects your consciousness, and that what you see reflected back is all working with you and for you to reveal your next steps and unlock your next level of contribution.

Adopting the stance of a conscious co-creator, you’re invited to see the world around you as a liquid mirror and commit to seeing what shows up in your field of experience as a teacher that’s guiding and shaping you.

It’s also initiating you into your greater power and higher purpose. 

Humanity is at a point in our evolution where pain is one of the primary catalysts for transformation, and the greater the need the greater the result.  As world events amplify, it becomes harder to look away and put our head in the sand.

For some it’s becoming impossible to deny that they have both the capacity and willingness to contribute in meaningful ways that disrupt the current trajectory and quicken the movement towards a new paradigm that lives beyond fear, scarcity, lack and separation.

It seems that the extreme challenges we are facing at this time may very well be the pressure required to step into our Spiritual warriorship where we step up to the Creator and make a play for the power to become an impactful Human in the world who is taking their place as one who is operating at the level of True Calling.

When talked about at all, no one says initiation into power and purpose is easy, the opposite is in fact true.

What intensifies the challenge of the already difficult process of growing up into Higher Vision and down into Sacred Calling, is that we have largely lost contact with the evolutionary pulse of our living world where the life-death-life cycles are inherently encoded.

For Humans this life-death-life cycle is most potently enacted in the process of Soul initiation which is the portal through which we cross to become an ensouled human who is connected to a Sacred Mission.


This is a process of Soul-self alchemy where you’re going inward and down towards your longings, yearnings and true desires, and following the ache in your heart to recover what was denied, disconnected and buried long ago.

We have the capacity to squash even our most imperative inner resource, our own essence, sending it into exile as we adapt to the world and learn how to survive.  This comes at a great cost, life goes on, but only just.

The depth, challenge and essential nature of the Soul initiation journey is not often spoken of in our consumer-capitalist world, replaced instead with promises, bypasses and quick fixes, that we can buy in the hope that we never need to ‘go there’…. even though on some level we know we must if we are to be free, powerful and fully alive.

It’s easy to become lost in the labyrinthe of lies, distortions and deadends, where our purpose remains untapped and locked inside despite how ‘hard’ we’re working towards unleashing what’s truly yours to share with the world!

The benefits of the journey are also rarely spoken of, as to live in your full power, connected to your truth and anchored in your sacred mission is disruptive to a system that requires complying conformists in order to function.  An ensouled Human cannot be controlled, manipulated or sold to, and so the journey into your depths is discouraged at best, abjectly thwarted at worst.

It is innately human to want to avoid pain and suffering, and yet the journey to Soul doesn’t cause pain, it just reveals the pain that is the experience of living disconnected from your own Soul, which is excruciating.

As you awaken to the full power and nourishment of your Soul, you’re also reminded of all that you have sacrificed in order to get along, adapt, and fit in, and this is devastating when your eyes arrive at this level of honesty.

This modern world is geared towards blinding us to our true nature, power, and potential, where we can avoid, organise around, and side step the deep truth that our modern lifestyle is Soul destroying and inhumane, and in no way contributes to nurturing the well-spring of happiness that is ours by birthright.

Instead, we have addictions, numbing, and denial to help ease the pain of not getting our mammalian bonding needs satisfied that drive our desire to contribute in deep and meaningful ways, where we occupy a PLACE that really matters within the eco-system we are a part of, and settle for pseudo connection through technology and social media.

If we can be convinced that we’re connecting and contributing, and we need to believe that this is so to function, then we can fall into this delusion, living in the abstract world of ideas, thinking we’re in connection, when the reality is we’re completely isolated, living parallel lives and doing busy work.

There is much real work to be done and it’s going to take enough Humans who are willing to step up to the process of their own Soul-self alchemy, leaning towards our deep desires, true needs, and aching heart.  This allows portals to open through which our Soul-self can be initiated into the power and purpose that will fuel a life of deep meaning and contribution, that’s truly in service to the world and spark our greatest joy.

We need the 100th monkey that will be our tipping point into the reality that is now emerging.

This is a journey of Soul remembrance and recovery where new templates come online that are sourced from outside the dominant paradigm, unlocking the never before seen and truly original that holds the medicine for these times.

These are codes that our times call for, not some hodgepodge of culturally appropriated practices that were for a times past and don’t really belong to us as modern Humans, but practices that unlock our direct access to the timeless flow of Wisdom that we can access because of our indigeneity to the Earth itself.

No one can know what it is for you, it is encoded in your own mythopoetry, your unique song, image, or story that your deepest self KNOWS is the reason you’re really here, that’s yours to discover, emerging through your unique relationship with the Earth.

You’re not here to be in service to a machine that only sees you as a cog with a limited function, who can be easily disposed of and replaced,

You’re not here to feed a system that exists in the realm of the hungry ghosts and will never be satisfied, that will continually ask more for less,

You’re not here to dull your own incandescent spark to appease and please those around you, while you feel you’re dying inside.

We get all too used to the frustration of NOT being here and fully on purpose.  Many of our institutions are geared towards boredom tolerance training so that we can do mind numbing and Soul sapping jobs without going postal, although sometimes we still do, even it the destruction is wrought only on the inside.

It’s not enough to see it, make comment on it, or disagree with what’s going on in the world.

We must get to the point where we’re drawing a line in the sand and declaring ENOUGH, so we may take our true place as revolutionaries and mid-wives of the new Earth paradigm where all beings are sovereign, free, and living with joy.

We must get to a place where we are setting new expectations around what we will and won’t accept as our Soul-level baseline, for ourselves and for the collective.

You must also set new boundaries around how you will and won’t be treated, by others but more importantly by yourself, and from here to take aligned right action as inspired by your own instructions towards your full Spiritual inheritance and Soul-inspired abundance.

This is the real reward for your willingness to enter into the great adventure that is the Soul-self alchemy of your own Becoming, where you are activated at your deepest level in the expression of your true calling.









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