Awakening from the Dreamspell

Written by Toni-Anne Campbell

December 23, 2022

As she slept, trapped in the Dreamspell, she was lost to herself, her people, and her Vision.  Unbeknownst to her, she was one amongst the walking dead.  As she awoke, rubbing the sleep from her eyes, the spell was broken.

She could finally engage reality and to act in creative resistance to the forces that had sought to entrap her. Gradually, she could locate herself, finding her authentic self for the first time in her life.  Here her passions, desires and longings could begin to inform her actions more so than her pain and fear. It was a moment in time out of time, a doorway into the greater mystery of life and a whole new way of being.

So began her Quest to shake herself loose from the trance that had kept her unconscious and passive, and to take the sacred journey to uncover that which was hers by birthright; the ability to live deeply anchored in ‘what matters’ and to openly receive the abundant blessings that were the gift of her awakening……


A moment in time

There is a moment in time out of time where a doorway may open into a radical reshaping of your life which presents itself as both a sacred opportunity and an unsettling crisis.

It is a critical stage of Becoming that is yours by birthright where you are shown an alternate pathway of



and ‘growing into’

your full capacity to live in authentic alignment with what really matters, shedding old and outworn contracts, agreements, and loyalties that have served you well, but are now ready for composting.

Many of the actions we take on a daily basis are in truth ‘informed’ by past experience.  They are more like memories playing out on automatic pilot rather than a true expression of the free will we might believe we experience.  This is the prison of the mind that operates on motor memory, with much of what informs our experience of reality remaining outside of our perceptual awareness and therefore remain unammendable to change.


“The best way to keep a prisoner from escaping is to make sure he never knows he’s in prison.”

Fyodor Dostoyevsky


In essence, we are asleep but believe we are awake, and this can remain so until the trapdoor opens in your life and you find yourselves swimming in the deep waters that live in the realms below.

At these times your life can feel like it is in a state of crisis and the ground upon which you stand feels tremulous.  As unsettling as this is, new questions begin to arise that may not have seemed important before, but have now become your greatest imperative and central focus.

If we are to move beyond our basic conditioning and awaken to our greater human potential, we must engage such questions honestly and with a relational stance of radical responsibility.  If it’s in your field of experience then this is your work.

This might mean tracking, exploring, deeply understanding, metabolising, integrating or alchemising, or perhaps it might be that you’re simply handing it over to greater mystery for it to be taken care of, no worries.  The ‘what’s to be done’ will be encoded in the experience itself, and practicing the art of receptivity and deep listening will become your sacred allies.

Here you may move beyond the spiralling shame that may have ensnared you in webs of limitation, self sacrifice and disconnection, into a tender stance of enquiry and open curiosity.  Actively living the questions of Soul, you’re invited to honour that which comes up and welcome it all into your greater wholeness, holding the awareness that the roots of your experience go way down into inter-generational soil.

As you do this, you are released of the burden of needing to be something you are not, and to dance wildly into the fullness of your authentic expression.



Boldly walking your Soul Path

It’s true that we don’t find the door, the door finds us when the time is right.  It’s also true that when the door finds us, we may not want to be found!

To cross the threshold into your greater becoming is a portenous moment that holds profound significance and possibility, yet it’s a psycho-spiritual stage of development that our modern world understands very little about and there may be voices that ward you against the crossing entirely.

Some of them might be your own.

Leaving the comforts of home to seek your greater destiny may seem like madness, and has definitely become the road less travelled, yet it is truly key to unlocking that which lives beyond the mystifiation of the dreamspell, into the life you were born to live.

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