Awakening from the Dreamspell

Written by Toni-Anne Campbell

December 23, 2022

As she slept, trapped in the Dreamspell, she was lost to herself, her people, and her Vision.  Unbeknownst to her, she was one amongst the walking dead.  As she awoke, rubbing the sleep from her eyes, the spell was broken. She could finally engage reality and to act in creative resistance to the forces that had sought to entrap her. Gradually, she could locate herself, finding her authentic self for the first time in her life.  Here her passions, desires and longings could begin to inform her actions more so than her pain and fear. It was a moment in time out of time, a doorway into a whole new way of being.

So began her Quest to shake herself loose from the trance that had kept her unconscious and passive, and to take the sacred journey to uncover that which was hers by birthright; the ability to live deeply anchored in Visionary Purpose and to openly receive the abundant blessings that were the gift of her awakening……


A moment in time

There is a moment in time out of time that opens the doorway into a whole new way of being in the world, and belonging to the world, awaiting each and every one of us.  As humans, it is ours by birthright – the right to grow up, to be anchored in Visionary Purpose, and to be liberated from old and outworn contracts, agreements, and loyalties that served a survival function, but most certainly have a used by date.

We are free to make our own choices in life, and yet how many of them are conscious choices, uncontaminated by the memories that ‘inform’ the nature of your current reality?

How much of the ice-berg remains underwater and continues to impact the experiences that are available to you through unconscious habits and limits on your perceptual abilities?

To awaken, we must engage such questions honestly and with a relational stance of radical responsibility that sounds something like this – if it’s in my field then it is mine to metabolise, integrate and alchemise into medicine for myself and others.

Here you move from self-blame for what you find locked and stored in your being which attaches you to limitation and disconnection, into a stance of action that sends ripple effects into the field; forwards and backwards and beyond.  This is the stance of a conscious creator, where you move from an experience of victimhood where life is happening to you, into a potent stance of creative action that allows you to see Life happening for you, with each experience holding the potential to unlock stored emotional charges that paves the way for true Liberation.



Your Soul Business

Your Soul Business holds a unique potential to quicken this path of Liberation as you are working with intention to create something qualitatively different for yourself and those you are working to serve.

Instead of enacting an old program of ‘how things are’ you are consciously choosing a pathway forward that holds excitement, interest and a heart-felt desire for this to be made manifest.  This is the point in your life where you’re choosing to make your life better in a way that is felt and known by you as the joy of living your greatest love into the world.  It is the depth of connection to your Vision and desire that catayses a level of commitment to do whatever it takes to shed the layers that block your capacity to live in a way that is authentic and true for you.

As you begin to see the blocks, challenges and derailments in your Business as emerging from a benevolent force that is seeking to retore wholeness and your full aliveness, opening the potential to experience Living, Loving and Sharing in ways unknowable when you’re stuck in disconnection, fear and scarcity, something different activates within your being and in the unfoldment of your Business.  There is a wedding of your Soul Path and your Business Path, and in this way your work becomes a sacred act of Becoming that is shared with your people as an alchemical shift in your Being.

You’re invited to see your Business as a liquid mirror that reveals to you more of the ice-berg that would otherwise remain submerged and unconsciously informing your reality.

As you lean towards what is being revealed to you in the mirror, as you allow yourself to see the truth of what exists there without falling into the trap of seeing this as Ultimate Truth (agh yes, this is what I have believed to be true), as you allow this path of self-honesty and radical responsibility to be the way forward in your Business, you are suddenly walking your Business as a Spiritual practice, unlocking the very real potential for Soul growth, expansion and liberation that sends ripple effects into Eternity.

Your Soul Business holds this as its true and real potential, if you choose it to be so.


sending many blessings on your Soul Business Path,



Aligning Business with your Visionary Purpose

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