Believing in your Higher Vision

Written by Toni-Anne Campbell

October 30, 2023

Your dreaming’s have a life of their own, swirling around in your own depths, whirling in the sea of potentiality, and arriving unbidden in ways that may surprise and delight you, or terrify you.

Your dreaming’s may come with the felt sense of the impossible, the daring, the audacious, where you’re invited to have your life become an adventure, and you’re taken to your edges and invited to jump.

Dreaming’s do not come from you, they are inspired by and gifted to you by the great mystery of existence.  They are what you can call a Divine transmission that you are uniquely designed to hear and act on, following the breadcrumbs dropped just for you that will lead you to your higher destiny.

If you can move past the idea that dreaming’s are just ‘imaginary’ meaning not real, and instead consider the possibility that they are the true design for your life inspired by creation itself that are simply awaiting your attention, you may find yourself at an unprecedented threshold in your life that may spark a process that can unlock the true purpose for your life.

Let it be so!

Let your beliefs change and lean into the extraordinary and the seemingly impossible, where magic and miracles become the simple living of your true life.

“We’re addicted to our beliefs; we’re addicted to the emotions of our past. We see our beliefs as truths, and not as ideas that we can change.”

Dr Joe Dispenza

Tapping your exhaustless riches

Your beliefs are the scaffolding that create the life you currently see and experience.  In truth, there are exhaustless riches waiting for you to draw them into your life through your ability to concentrate and make choices that align with your greater destiny.

What must you believe for life to look like it does now?

Even if there is much good in your life, your dreaming’s are a gift that reveal your next layer of deepening, ripening and enrichment that is the ever-expanding growth into your full potential.

They are a gift, and when living as though they are real, you can give freely knowing that your life is unfolding exactly as it needs to be, that there is a plan that’s swirling behind the scenes that’s coalescing into the shape of your dreaming’s as you take inspired right action.

It’s adopting the stance that there is an invisible hand that’s supporting the realisation of the highest Vision for yourself and your life as you participate in life as a co-creative adventure, and knowing this to be true.

It’s all weaving together as you consciously participate in your life through your attention, deep listening and responsiveness to that which is as yet unseen to bring it foward into tangbible manifestation.

Instead of pressing play on the old records that are the programs that have been shaping your life, you are shifting your attention towards the emergent and inspired which holds the true potential to transform and unlock the never before seen in your own life.


Our Participatory Universe

We are designed to transform through the power of our own awareness.  That’s all you really need, nothing more complicated than to focus on the one thing that’s in your heart, planted there as a seed and an instruction as to how to live a flourishing life as communicated to you through your dreaming’s.

You are designed to live as a conscious creator of your Highest Vision, nestled within a participatory universe that is unlocked by your willingness to lean into the greater flow of creation that is consistently revealed to you in the images, ideas and inspirations that are in abundant supply.

Yet it’s common to build irrigation systems off to the side of this greater creative flow, doing things we think we should, ought to, and must do that diverts the energy away from the main flow.

Believing that these irrigation systems are ‘reality’, that this is how it’s done, we inadvertently draw power away from the main flow and create a bottleneck when it comes to the capacity to live in direct alignment with the Higher Vision where you are essentially riding this energy flow.

Culturally we have been conditioned to remain little children, shoehorning our ideas and downsizing our gifts to create things on terms we can understand and control, pushing to extract what we can to secure a place that holds a good enough socioeconomic function.

This is the small self at play, and it’s certainly our free will choice to ‘refuse our own flowering’ as observed by the poet David Whyte, and remain locked in this limitation.

This will never be all of who you are or all that you are capable of, nor will there be access to your full Spiritual inheritance which is yours by Divine birthright.


Remembering your Soul codes

To enter into a conversation with the greater mystery of existence where you may come to know your place in the grand design and remember your original codes, instructions that are yours on a Soul level, is to know that you are fully supported and always in the right place to engage in your own unfoldment and activation of your full potential.

No exceptions.

It’s a journey to embody your Soul and inhabit your true place, a psycho-spiritual odyssey that animates you into a great adventure that is both mysterious and completely natural.

It’s a stripping away of all the old and outworn stories that keep you locked in the limitation of the small self, and it’s an opening to receive all that is truly yours by Birthright.

It’s a reclaiming of your direct and personal source connection that allows you to be in a moment-by-moment revelation of your true path as it opens before you, step by step, inspired by your dreaming’s, inspirations and Soul level rightness.

Here you know what’s what.

Here you know what’s at play.

Here you know that your action steps, taken freely and in full faith that the plan is unfolding for you precisely the way it’s meant to, are taking you exactly where your path of destiny is leading you.

Never is it what you think, the logical mind is not able to decide what’s really worth investing in to create a flourishing life that’s on purpose.  This must spring from the muse directed parts of you that connect directly with the world of dreaming, inspired imaginal and the never before seen.  Much of this has been under attack for thousands of years since the dawn of science and material reductionism stripped the world of this sacred connection.


Dancing the sacred marriage of descent and ascent

There is the invitation to dance between the interplay of ascension and descension, where you are going down to go deep, to go wide, to ultimately expand beyond the shroud that has rendered these higher potentialities invisible.

With new eyes, they open, and you are in a different world.

To descend to recover the parts of you that are leaking power, reclaiming them into your greater wholeness is not a journey we take with the logical mind, although its welcome to come along for the ride.  It’s at these times we need to call on our other Human capacities that allow us to see into the realms of the unseen, the archetypal, the universal and the eternal to truly unlock the greater mystery encoded within your life experiences.

Entering into these other worlds that are the playground of the musing and generative aspects of you is to shift consciousness so you can perceive what’s already there, available to your wider consciousness.  Here you are opening your full capacity as a Human being, connecting you with your greater wholeness and full power.

This path is spiralic, and you are never done.

Themes repeat at higher levels of expression as your frequency shifts and new insights become possible that can unlock your life and potential even more.

This holds the exciting potential for ever increasing good, beyond what you can currently conceive or perceive, not as a fantasy, but because we are designed this way.

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