Bold Expression, Fierce Love

Written by Toni-Anne Campbell

October 25, 2023

When deeply aligned with your Vision, all you express is your message. In essence, it IS You.

Your message is flowing through You as the instrument that’s been prepared to do just this.  Here you can release the mind chatter that tries to curate and sanitise, and simply say what’s there to be said.

For the artists, creatives, and messengers of the world, this is living Vision.

You’re expressing because it’s there to be expressed as spoken through you, and you are a conduit who is open and willing enough to receive it, and brave enough to say it.

Not because you’re speaking to a niche, although paradoxically it will speak to a certain type of person because this kind of wild expression will naturally call in those who resonate.

Not because you know how it’s going to land and are certain about the particular outcome it will achieve, that work belongs to the greater Mystery of life and is in truth, none of our business.

You’re expressing because you’ve received it as the transmission that is ‘up’ and ripe to be spoken, and you have made yourself available to catch it.


Boldly claiming Life itself

Living your Vision is the bold claiming of living life the way you know you’re supposed to, the way you’ve been designed to live.  As you take your place, this IS the most potent message you could share.

You have become an embodiment of your message, and this is your medicine for the world.

To boldly claim your own Soul, occupy your place in the grand scheme of things, and to live and express from this place is your mission.  Sharing this with others is your sacred service to the world, and this in turn becomes your greatest joy.

This type of wild expression is a way of being that is unconditionally loving towards that which wants to express through you, and in making yourself available to this great teacher, you are apprenticing to Love and learning to trust in Life.

You will learn to live deeply, openly and willingly as you open to the sacred message that wants to speak through you, and your life becomes one that is living this love into the world.


Seeds of Greatness

In living your Vision, you become the message.

Being authentically You is the medicine.

And this is your mission.

Anything else is just the details and specifics of what this looks like as it flows through you out into the world.

This is your art, your message, your creativity and however it shows up for you, it’s the never before seen. 

It’s an expression of what you’ve seen with your own eyes, metabolised through your own being, and felt with your own heart.

It’s your unique take on things, and in a way, how dare we try to stop it.  This is in truth a denial of our own flourishing.

To be available to the seeds of greatness that want to germinate in the gardens of your life is a sacred act of Becoming all of You, where all of the potential encoded in your being becomes fully activated.

This is no longer the life half lived where you are following the rules, downsizing and self-censoring.

You are no longer trying to shoehorn your message into something that sounds palatable or shapeshift into something that will secure you a place of belonging.  This can never be truly and fully You.

If it comes from a place of compromise, or if you’re doing it because it looks good in the eyes of someone else, then you are left of centre and wobbling.  You won’t be available to the true message that’s yours to receive and express, and if sharing your art and message with the world is your calling, then you may very well miss the whole point of your life.


Making yourself Available

To make yourself available to the message that’s flowing through you, knowing that whatever it is, it will be doing its job in the world, much of which you will know anything about!  Yet, you can sleep at night knowing you’ve lived in service to your Vision, saying what needs to be said as revealed to you in the flow of you living your true life.

We don’t get to question the Why of what’s there to be said, not unless we want to become creatively constipated!

We do get to open to the what’s there and to say it in full trust.

It’s like catching butterflies of ideas as they fly by, and you get to unlock the beauty that lives there by whatever means of expression that calls to you.

This is your art, your magic, your medicine, and it flows through you in specific ways to serve your people in ways that may surprise You. Let it be so!

Two people can’t catch the same butterfly and come up with the same thing, and that’s the true wonder of it all.  The possibilities are endless, and it only becomes blocked and scarce when we try, push or effort our way into making something happen, or try to agenderise it in some way. The creative waters quickly dry up if we’re in extraction mode.

Opening your heart to your own depths to discover what’s there to be shared, expressed and lived into is the sacred act of becoming who You truly are.

What you discover there is the Earths dreaming for you, encoded in the soil of your own body.  Its there to be unearthed, unlocked and released into the world, shared as the living of your Vision.  As you share, the love and joy that lives there becomes amplified in an infinite spiral of creation.


Sacred act of Soul Recovery

Notice all within you that says this feels risky, so you stay in hiding.  The truth is that as you share, risking it all so you can be You, the chains that kept you stuck and in hiding, break and dissolve away.  It’s the taking of the risk and boldly sharing You that allows the chains that once held power over you to disintegrate, revealing the truth of You that has always lived there at your own depths.

This is to liberate all the parts of you that have felt fear, too small, powerless or not good enough, and it is a beautiful process of Soul recovery and regeneration, restoring your capacity to live your Vision and share from a place of creative flow.

It deserves your time, patience and care.

As you free yourself to the fullness of your expression, then all of you that has lived in exile can be called forward into your greater wholeness.

You simply can’t leave them behind and be in your full potency.

They are to be welcomed home with loving gratitude for all they have done, and allowed to take an honoured seat at the holy fire of your own heart.  This is where they will step in with their full support rather than operate as saboteurs that lay waste to all your best intentions.

This is where you move beyond the compromise of the small story you’ve been living, and can step into a fierce love for the world, where you express that which must be spoken as a safeguard and protection for all of life, including the full living of your own.

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