Bringing your Dreamings out of Exile

Written by Toni-Anne Campbell

October 5, 2023

Living your life in deep alignment with your Souls calling can feel unattainable and beyond reach at times.

Leaning into the longings of your heart, answering the cry that lives there, and opening to the possibility that you can be guided by your desire nature towards your true place of belonging, can seem unrealistic, frivolous, even risky.

There is much within that will convince you that making this pivot towards your greater calling is best left for later when conditions are right, and they’re not wrong, so a deeply sacred contract is formed with the forces of your inner realms who promise to safeguard the inner spark of your dreamings by sending them into exile.

There are dense layers of conditioning that get piled on top of our hopes, aspirations and dreamings, crushing, deadening, and distorting the true path we are meant to walk.  We receive consistent messages that say

you can’t,

you shouldn’t,

who are you to?,

what value do you have to offer?

be this instead…..


the still small voice

All of this can drown out the still small voice of your own Soul that is calling you from within, diverting the trajectory of your life path away from Soul and thwarting that which would truly nourish you, creating a life that feels horribly disconnected from the deeper waters that nurture true growth.

Often our work in the world is reduced to something that will make you money, preferable a lot and quickly, stripping your actions of true meaning and value, leaving you feeling hollow, burnt out and without a North star that will guide you towards authentic expression and your greatest fulfillment.

We learn very early what is acceptable and allowed, what we have permission to be, do and become, and what will have us rejected or imperilled in some way.

We quickly learn to shape shift and downsize that which is deemed unwelcome or threating to those who hold the bonds of affection, and the Souls calling recedes into the background, ususally before we know that there is a deeper Yes for us to live into that emanates from our original codes.

We then live disconnected from our true nature, operating on auto-pilot and unconsciously living out a ‘false self’ program that defines the ways of being that are allowed and rewarded.

It’s common to become so mystified that our sense of self anchors into the firm belief that this compromise is our strength and goodness because this rule following has kept us safe by meeting the expectations of those around us.

All the while keeping the dreamings that are gifted to you by your own Soul in exile.

This creates a life that can feel overburdened with responsibility and obligation where you become driven by the shoulds, ought to’s and musts of life rather than allowing the innocence and spontaneity of each moment to inspire a life unfolding in the flow of creation.

All the joy that is yours to live by birthright becomes unavailable, unreachable as its inextricably linked to the calling that has been placed, at least for now, into the stronghold of a self-protective exile.


Uncovering new pathways

It’s here that you may find yourself looking beyond cultural norms that prioritize socio-economic status, achievement, and growth as they feel stale and no longer hold real value for you, and instead find yourself turning towards the seasons and cycles of your life to explore if it’s time to bring your dreamings out of exile.

You may be wondering if the conditions are now ripe to begin to thaw the walls that have frozen you into place, where you can once again open the doorway to discover your place in the wider web of existence.

Here you become intimately connected with what is yours to be, do and become, as inspired by your own Soul.

So begins the labyrinthine challenge of tracking what is true, right and real for you, undergoing the ancient transformational process of shedding, composting and seeding that we are now rewriting for this modern world, where life can become the adventure to discover that which brings you truly alive and sets your Soul free.

I’ll meet you in that place!



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