Codes of Remembrance

Written by Toni-Anne Campbell

October 11, 2023

The morning sun rays shine across the vast horizon,

illuminating the dust motes as dancing jewels.

Available to your awareness in these moments as an invitation

to fall desperately in love with this wonderous day,

and to know yourself as deep peace.

Today is its own magnificent surprise waiting to be unlocked,

holding the promise of untold miracles specifically designed for you.

Opening each cell to receive as would an unfurling fern open towards the sunlight,

awakening to the possibility of new growth that will remake you anew,

again and again, as you offer your willingness.

Today, and every day, the sunrise holds up a hand and beckons to you,

reaching out and saying ‘come home, beautiful Soul, into your truth’.

The essence of the morning is a portal into your own innocence,

where the dawn is offered to you as a warm delighting smile,

that can crack you open at the core of your Being.

The codes of remembrance are embedded

in the moment the sun peaks over the edges of the Earth,

Reminding you of who you are, and what you’re made of.

Here lives your opportunity to dive right into the heart of all things,

into what truly, truly matters,

and receive the offering from infinity of grace unfolding,

allowing your heart to take wing.

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