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A declaration for the times we are in…..

The world needs sanctuaries for soul, perhaps now more than ever.

It is imperative that safehavens are created where soul is safe to emerge and the pathway home to soulful service is remembered; this, so that we may each remember how to live in ways that affirm life and contribute to the restoration of the world according to your unique instructions and soul inspired directives.

What calls you now from the world beyond the world?

We, as the human family, need spaces where the quick fix culture and by-passing of what it truly takes to transform gives way to a midwifing of the psycho-spiritual oddessy that is Soul Initiation where you reclaim your true life, and for this to be given priority by those who desire to know, live and serve from a place of soul and restore that which is currently missing in the fabric of our culture.

What inner imperatives are commanding your attention now?

We require sanctuaries where precious time is willingly offered in service to the restoration and renewal of soul, inpsired by the deep knowing that it is our own soul that weaves together our existance with the soul of the world, empowering reciprocal eco-systems that bring new life, new possibilities, and new hope, deeply rooted in Truth.

What’s at stake if you listen?  What’s at stake if you don’t?

At the heart of this we can find doorways into a truly Sacred Economy; a system of exchange that safeguards and empowers your Soul gifts for YOU to employ to sustain and nourish your one true life (rather than side-lining and bypassing that which truly matters so you can be a worker bee that sustains a system that serves the few), ensuring that your soul-inspired offering can enter the world, when ready, to meet its greatest cry that you have been prepared to answer;  healing, wholing and vitalising the world.  And for this to be the work you are paid to do rendering your work Sacred.

What medicine has been cooked for your people in the alchemical fires of your willingness to dive into the truth of your own soul story and discover the offering that springs from this place?

Here lives a prayer that we may move beyond systems that standardize, homogenize, and extract our humanity, creating lives of over domestication and quiet despair, where we may transcend old habits of compliance, compromise and competition, to create systems that truly give more life to all, activating the very real potential of our human family.  This inspires a vision where we all have the opportunity to flourish; becoming Fully Human and living life from a place of Soul.

What gets to die so you may truly live?

I meet you here at this sacred junction where your soul path begins to unfold in service to the greater whole, where you may enter a dynamic process of enquiry, unfolding and opening, to be in receipt of your soul mission – that which you were born to be in the world.  This is a place where your offering has the potential to contribute to the paradigm shift so needed now, where your greatest Love can be lived into the world, serving your people and restoring the Earth herself, at the deepest level.

May we all rise to the challenge of being worthy ancestors.