Going down to go forward

Written by Toni-Anne Campbell

October 5, 2023

It can seem counter intuitive that when you’re making a movement to align more deeply with what truly matters, exploring the ‘as yet unlived’ within you, and leaning into the longing to bring more of You out into expression, that you can find yourself being pulled down into the depths and undercurrents of your life.

It’s as though the very act of opening to your greater destiny catalyses a kind of riptide with a directional flow and momentum that feels decidedly down, around which you feel very little control.

These times can feel less than expansive, yet they hold a unique and unsettling power that communicates their profound importance in the seasons and cycles of your life.

Here you hold the opportunity to connect with a greater intelligence that is at play in your life, offering you a portal into the deeper significance of your own life.  Even if your human self would prefer an entirely different pathway, one that builds a bridge over the deep canyons that yawn in front of you that now command to be navigated



and through.

Despite this understandable preference to want avoid this deep dive entirely, you get the clear sense that there are great gifts to be discovered if you’re willing to take such a journey.


How is life initiating you?

It’s true that you don’t choose the way life is initiating you.

These initiatory forces are in the hands of a greater mystery that supports the unfoldment of your one true life.

If you are willing to enter into the alchemical waters that have been prepared for you, to yield to the processes that will peel back the layers of ‘not you’, illuminating the core of your deepest self, you may in any moment find yourself looking through the eyes of your own Soul.

Here you can see how the co-ordinate points of your life experience form a sacred constellation that hold your instructions and keys to your personal power.

A foundational and unavoidable aspect of the Soul path is, in the words of James Hillman, a ‘pulling together a coherent and meaningful image of the pieces of your life’.

This is our excavation work, a sacred and necessary bone collecting, that draws together the fragments of self and life experience into a greater whole.

On some level we are all looking to make meaning of the lives we have lived, for the twists and turns to be more than just random plot twists in a sea of chaos; for it to be more than simply ‘our lot’ that leaves us victims of circumstance.

How this ‘pulling together’ of life experience supports the process ensoulment and integrally relates to the spiritual path is all but forgotten, and there is much that distracts us from this challenging underworld part of the journey, attempting to render it unnecessary.

It is not.


Sacred Story Catching

When operating from within the pain, only the inside walls of the prison are visible, creating a close-loop system from which it feels there is no escape.

Yet, as we attend to the sacred work of catching our own story fragments, each experience like a single prayer flag that strings together to form a holy bunting that is our Soul story, we grow in capacity to bear witness to all the past selves who have fought the battles we have faced in life, bringing them into a more expansive view of what is possible now.

We can begin to track the threads of destiny that have been laid out for us to weave into a rich tapestry that has always been unfolding in alignment with the Souls intelligence, with sacred gifts located within each co-ordinate point on your life journey.

Once attended to in a way that honours the life you’ve lived, uncovering the veins of gold that have been forged in the alchemical fires, there is a dropping down into a deeper sense making that connects to the greater whole and supports the authentic living of a truely Soulful life.

Instead of operating from the fragments of self that can co-exist but lack coherence, your life experiences draw together into a constellation, an image you were born to discover and live into the world as a gift, that rings at the resounding depths of Soul and holds the potency of the numinous.

You will know it within your animal body as it awakens to that which feels deeply accurate and is already known in the codes of your cellular memory.

As this depth of knowing gradually and organically becomes your new ground, your inner compass becomes calibrated to that which is true at the level of Soul rightness rather than being hi-jacked by fear and compromise.  Here you will be guided towards your North Star and greatest joy.

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