It’s time to just do the thing…

Written by Toni-Anne Campbell

November 13, 2023

There is purpose, call it a message, a medicine, a mission, that’s there for you to live into and express in the world, a thing for you to DO and BE in your life.

You KNOW that there is a deeper calling that’s yours, and NOT doing it is Soul destroying, as though that which is unlived inside of you is clawing to get out!

There’s an anger inside at leaving your true potential untapped and wasting away in the crevices of your own heart and soul,  and it kills you not to be able to reach this place of truth within you that’s yours to express FROM.

You’re fundamentally done with parroting the ideas of others, pushing agendas that just seem wrong to you, and shapeshifting so you don’t disappoint anyone.

You can feel a deeper calling beckoning to you even if you don’t KNOW exactly what it is, but you know you’re here to release it into the world,

for it to reach your people,

for you to unlock your real potential,

and for you to contribute in a way you KNOW you were born for.

The anger inside at the sense that you’re not actualising, alive and expressing in the way you know you’re built for, eats at you.

You toss and turn at night, losing sleep, as you can feel the thing rumbling inside, seeking expression through you.

You work with the frustration of knowing that there is somewhere else for you to be, and something else for you to do that is truly YOURS, that will awaken your heart and your reason for being.

The fire that comes from your own Soul feels like a burning inside and you’re desperate to finally become who you KNOW you can be, who you really are, and who you’re here to be as you stand in your full power and claim your full potential.

You know this because anything that gets in the way of you expressing your thing into the world feels like a tearing at your heart.  It’s the divided life where your unlived purpose leeches into everything, effecting

Your relationships,

Your health,

The depth of your contribution,

Your own happiness and sense of deep satisfaction that comes at the end of your day when you’re fully spent, having channeled your energy into what really, truly matters rather than ticking boxes and wasting away your precious life on working someone else’s Vision.

It effects every aspect of your being as the true purpose that’s bubbling up from within you can’t find the throughline out into the world, and it feels as though you’ll die inside if you just don’t get out there and

do the thing,

unapologetically share it,

And become the fully potent expression of YOU in the world.

If you don’t, the rage turns inward on itself and becomes the voice of doubt, criticism and self shaming saying

Why don’t you know who you are and what you’re here to do,

Others look like they have it so much more together than you,

What’s the stalling, wavering and holding back really about, there must be something wrong with you!?

Keeping it all locked inside you, the real purpose for you being here in the first place, you end up feeling like you’re failing and feel powerlessness as the energy cycles in on itself rather than flowing through you as it’s designed to flow.

No matter how shiney things look on the outside, you know you’re not living up to all that’s within you, that there’s more inside of you to express, and the frustration of NOT sharing it feels as though it will tear you apart if you push it down for one minute longer!

That’s the twisting and contorting of your true purpose, that’s screaming to get out to be unleased into the world in your own unique way, so you’re fully expressed from the depths of your Soul.

Your deep self is in there, saying let’s go

I’m ready

Let’s do this thing!

You know she’s there and that there’s more inside of you that’s truly yours to unlock, and yet you might wonder where to start, what to do, what’s most imperative?  The wavering and wobbling is maddening when

You can FEEL your deeper purpose rumbling,

You can feel Her, the real you, inside clawing to get out,

And you WANT to listen….

And yet the trap that awaits you here is the waiting game…..maybe you’ll start walking down the path that will unlock your true destiny when things are a little clearer, when you feel  more ready.

But simply waiting for the day to arrive when you’re true life starts is not going to cut it.  There must be a decision and a commitment to your true path, and a deep listening to the inner imperative that will send you in the right direction.

This is a turning inwards where you can listen to the voice of own Soul, as this is where the answers live that will unlock your true life.

When you stop looking outside of yourself for the answers,

When you stop following the program you’ve been given,

When you simply will not spend another day living out of alignment with your real purpose and you’re prepared to go out into the adventure of your own life to discover it.

It’s here, at the end of yourself, that the real transformation starts and your Soul can begin to take the lead.

It’s here that your Soul path takes a different track and you’re on the journey to discover the real meaning for your life.  Up until that point you’re in your head, trying to figure it all out, looking around you for the magic formula

But the magic is INSIDE of you,

Your own codes are the formula,

The head doesn’t know, but your Soul DOES.

With each step you take, guided by your own Soul, the next step will emerge.  This is how it works, faithfully taking the next step

without knowing the whole plan,

without knowing how it will all come together,

without knowing the outcome.

Your steps, taken by faith as directed by your Soul coalesce onto your true path without you trying, orchestrating or manoeuvring, in fact all of that needs to go before you can humbly say, I don’t know, show me!

Let your Soul take the reins and guide you down the path of your true destiny.

Start to look towards the people, places and experiences who can help you birth your own Soul, rather than looking for approval and reassurance that you’re enough and doing well in the eyes of people who don’t really get it,

Find your people who see the truth of who you really are, and with whom you can share your full self, unfettered and uncensored,

Take the leap and start now to express your medicine and trust that it will be received in the world with deep gratitude as you land in your own unique Soul co-ordinate point that’s so needed and appreciated.

Here you’ve have found your Soul home.  It belongs to you and no one else can take this from you.  If you don’t occupy it, it remains unfilled. 

And what lives here is desperately needed in the world!

Without this flow through out into the world, the well-spring of your creativity becomes a stagnant pond and your power turns in on itself where you find yourself

Grouching and snapping at everyone,

Pulling your hair out in frustration and resentment at having to put your needs aside again,

Feeling stifled and stymied because what’s inside of you has no flow through points as the demands in your life take you away from what you know is imperative, and this is infuruating…

Until you get to the point where there is simply no more give, and you just have to take the steps that are true, right and real for you at the level of Soul.

This is the place of breakdown, breakthrough,

When you stop trying to be someone you’re not,

When you stop trying to give it all in the hope that one day someone will notice and begin to give back,

When you stop sacrificing your dreams for approval and to secure a place of belonging that cheapens the deep truth that wants to flow through you into the world to reach your people.

When you have had enough of living the downsized life with the smile on your face that says you’re OK with it, when you are so clearly NOT!

It’s your one passionate life you’re craving, the one that tears it all open at the heart and expresses what truly matters,

The one you can sink deep roots down into and call your own.

It’s your wild and true self you’re in search of and your authentic self is the one who is seeking release to be here, fully expressed, seen, heard, felt, gotten and known,

By you

By your people

And by the world itself that desperately needs your Soul-inspired contribution.

There is a thing for you to do, a message for you to share, a mission for you to live into as your life’s work, and NOT doing it feels like a sickness inside of you that eats you up because you know, in all honesty, that it’s not a life that’s really lived,

where you’re hand is pressing down on the head of your true self, keeping her squashed inside but she’s writhing wildly to get out so you can claim your true life and the fullness of your real purpose.

You’re here to be You, and your authentic self knows this.  To get in your own way for one more day denies the deeper voice who’s saying

I’m here

I’m ready

Now lets go do this thing!

Even if others don’t agree and can’t see what you see,

Especially if they try to stop you or talk you out of it because they don’t feel what you feel,

And definitely if you’re breaking the rules imposed upon you before you could embody your own unique and sacred Yes.

The prison walls keeping you locked inside of yourself are there for you to dismantle,

To burn it all down if you have to,

And to begin again in the innocence of your own Soul that’s there for you to reclaim, remember and unleash into the world as your sacred medicine and as your true calling.

Be you, do the thing, it’s your time!.






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