Journey back to the Homelands of Soul

Written by Toni-Anne Campbell

October 26, 2023

We live in a world that is in deep service to our evolution.

We, as Humans, are specifically designed to consciously participate in our own unfoldment, and we are given all we need to be able to do exactly this.

You might call this the living mirror of Life itself.

Our world is designed to consistently reflect back your next phase of growth and evolution, revealed to you through the experiences you are having and by the things that are showing up in your field.

From a conscious participation stance, it’s there to be noticed, reflected on and applied to bring forward more growth, expansion and insight into new ways of being that align, even more, with your greater good.

The practice is, when something comes into your field that is crunchy or undesirable, something we naturally want to reject, we instead invite it in as a welcome guest.  The experience, and what comes alive in reaction to the experience, is a messenger who is here to give you guidance around your next piece of work, revealing that which has been living in your blind spot.

Here we can draw on the words of Rumi.

“The dark thought, the shame, the malice.

Meet them at the door laughing and invite them in. 

Be grateful for whatever comes,

because each has been sent you as a guide from beyond.”

These emotional activations are, in truth, a great gift on your Soul path, as they open otherwise locked doors in your psyche, showing you what now is on offer to evolve, moving you beyond it towards your next level of receiving.


Making contact, receiving release

To be in contact with a part that has been lost and cycling in one of the hell-realms, parts that are unreachable to our normal waking consciousness making them impermeable to change if not for these activations, is a sacred offering.

It’s as though they live in locked vaults until they are opened by experiences that we might commonly call a reaction, or over-reaction, and we adopt a stance of willingness to notice and pay attention when the emotions are alive and in flow.

This is a gift from grace that allows you to bring more love to the parts that have been stuck and operating in the underworld of your psyche, and most often wreaking havoc.

It’s at these times that the locked time capsules of our lived experience open and the emotions that are seeking release and movement towards fruition are open to your awareness and can, with loving awareness, move towards peace, calm and a restoration of your greater wholeness.

This is life working with you and happening for you, at all times, no matter what your Humanness might have say about it.

Yet, rather than a leaning into the sharp places, it’s far more common to be hi-jacked by the experience and the emotions that arise, and there is a falling into seeing the world through the eyes of the shadow deities.

Here you become lost and wandering in the illusion created by the mimic, the one who speaks in your own voice and says that your interpretations are real, that what you are assuming is right, and that the reaction you are having is a problem that needs to be figured out.

Its far more common to become hi-jacked and lost in overthinking.

Believing there is a problem that you need to solve,

Approaching life like there is something wrong,

And getting lost in thoughts, believing that thinking about it will eventually get you somewhere.

It won’t.

This is merely the mimic.  The one who interprets life for you and has you believing you are living your life and solving problems.


Trauma cycling

In truth, this is suffering that is created by the addiction to thinking, where you habitually approach life through the mind that says there is something wrong, seeing life in abstract terms, rather than as sacred other that’s there to be related to and with.

Whole lifetimes can be spent approaching life in this way, when in truth, this is an abstraction where you are lost to yourself and your Vision, fighting shadow monsters and false problems with ineffective strategies invented by the mimic, who has no intention of letting you go.

The truth is that at these times, we lose perspective, looping in a memory, to the extent that we’re no longer responding to this moment as it is, in its purity.

We get lost then in the cycling thoughts and emotions, and in reacting from this place, only to reinforce the suffering of separation, isolation and fear.

The release that was available in the experience disappears to be replaced by a recycling of trauma and pain.

To allow yourself to turn towards, not away,

To feel into rather than avoid and project,

is the power to transform and unlock the greater realities that are available to you and that are yours by divine birthright.


A Sacred Opportunity 

It’s the practice of leaning into the activated emotions that opens the sacred opportunity to attend to the parts that are normally suppressed, so deeply squashed into the shadow realms that we can’t even see them with our normal waking consciousness.

It takes this kind of activation to unlock them from the underworld, where instead of projecting them onto reality as givens, the door opens and we are given the possibility of new life as we metabolise and assimilate our life experience, so it can be past and done and we can be in direct contact with Reality.

On the other side of this, the shadow deity is brought back into your wholeness and its powers that were once used in defensive protection are now available for you to in a new form.

Once these parts are restored in this way, they can be held in the light of your loving awareness and you are now in a place where you can truly grow into your full capacity, without the downward pull.

By bringing these parts into your full awareness, you can unlock the unique insights into ‘how things work’ viewed through the lens of one who has reclaimed and redeemed the exiles, and here you can truly be of help to yourself and others.

The powers that were once used for survival now take on a different tenor and can be applied in service to fulfilling the living of your Vision.

The ones who have made the sacred journey from survival back to the homelands of Soul hold genuine superpowers and can be joyfully welcomed at the cook fires of your own stirring Vision and honoured as warriors. 

From here, there is an effortless offering of your medicine to the world through your own embodiment.


Seeds of greatness

Everyday you are offered the opportunity to assimilate old and outworn stories that fuel the reliving of your deepest hurts.  This is the power of your awareness to transform what lives there into sacred power and potency that can be gathered into your medicine bundle for your people.

Until we undergo this sacred work of Soul-making, we are on auto-pilot, playing out themes emerging from our life experience and getting lost in a closed-loop system, roaming in the illusion created by the mimic.

We have nowhere near tapped our full potential, no matter how busy or productive we might seem, as we have not made contact with Reality. 

To know the beauty of Reality directly, is to unlock our greatest potential as a Human, as its from this place that we can truly grow.

Growing into your full capacity is to live more fully, overcoming the self-aversion that has you stuck and recycling old material, and moving you into your greater wholeness where all is truly well, you are loved, and your own nurturing, compassionate self is there as your strongest ally.

Here you hold the profound potential to plant your seeds of greatness in the soil of Soul, where your full powers are reclaimed and offered as medicine that can be applied in service to the world.

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