Life as a Sacred Quest

Written by Toni-Anne Campbell

November 7, 2023

You have full permission to be here with your feet firmly on your Soul path, walking one foot in front of the other, and living according to your higher purpose, ignoring all else that demands you turn left or right away from your own Visionary flow.

Your Soul path is where you become uncompromising around living into the plans that are here for you to embody and become, where you’re no longer putting your own dreams, hopes and aspirations on the shelf while suppressing the scream of frustration that happens when you try to squash it in and pretend it isn’t there, calling to you.

You don’t need to walk on your knees, with your hands out, asking for permission to do what you know is calling to you.

You don’t need to scrape together the energy from what’s left over to invest in what’s most important to you.

You don’t need to keep putting yourself last in the hope that one day, your ship will come in and it will be your time.

You do get to live your life as a Sacred Quest, walking your path as an unfolding and flowering into your true calling and greater destiny.

This is your Birthright.


Becoming fully YOU

You can invest in the dynamic process of becoming fully You,

where your aspirations are what matter,

where you can put down the mask,

and unapologetically claim the life that you know is there for you to live into and become.

This benefits you, yes of course, but it benefits everyone, as you become the tuning fork for what it looks like to live from a place of sacred Soul alignment.

This is a deep listening that connects you with what’s authentically true for you today, not the watered down version that rocks no boats and pleases everyone, but the one that leans into Possibility as a frequency and a flow that moves you beyond what is currently conceivable and into widening circles of growth and transformation.

This is a place beyond compromise, downsizing, and being too small for your unlimited self where you’re putting your dreams on the shelf AGAIN, so you can do what’s right and good, and playing nice that feels like pins in your eyes.

There is a Soul level commitment that says,

You won’t spend another day shapeshifting to do things in a certain way so you can fit a particular mould,

You won’t waste a second on being anything else but being YOU, and the greatest level of expression you have access to, in ever deepening circles of authenticity and rightness,

You won’t spend another minute living without a deep connection to your sacred purpose.

This is an act of reclamation, redemption, and revolution, inspired and orchestrated by your own Soul.

You’re here to be You,

To be fully expressed,

And to contribute from this place of your own uniqueness.

This is the well-spring of your own Soul.

Aligning with your own Soul is a compassionate turning towards the harsh inner voice inside that says

you’re not enough,

that you’re not worth it,

that the Vision is too hard or too unclear,

that you need to do more of something before you deserve to live your Vision,

that you need to change and be better first before you’re allowed to be successful at the level of Soul.

On and on it will go, if you don’t put a stop to it running the show.

None of this is true, and it can only hi-jack your own unfolding if you listen to it.


Walking your Soul Path

Walking your Soul path, this all gets to be brought into the light of your awareness and welcomed into a loving presence that is your own aware heart, where it can burn up and transmute into Power.

You are an infinitely creative being who is in the process of uncovering the fullness of your potential, and to offer this in your full potency.

You are a transforming Human and that means you get to feel all the feels, to welcome it all, so you can transcend it and actualise your greater potential that lives inside of you.

To see your doubts, your worries, and your fears that things can’t or won’t change for you as fleeting moments in the sea of your experience, inspired by your small self not your Soul, and they are there as a trial for you to grow stronger, so you can land your Vision even more potently.

You are going up in vibration, even if the motion feels decidedly down into your depths, shedding that which does not belong at your new frequency level, so you can occupy your true place of belonging.

It can feel like the churning of the waves in a storm, where you feel buffeted around and believing that you’re off course, simply because the mind can’t conceive of how it will all piece together to work according to your deeper current of your Soulful life.

It can, and it does, and it’s your next level happening now.

You’re actually right in the middle of your own alchemical waters that is the crucible of your own transformation. Dive deeper and saturate yourself in the salts that will strip away all that is not you, leaving only your essence, your power and your purpose.


Life as a Sacred Quest

It’s a discipline and a practice to welcome it all, to allow it all to belong, but to refuse to orient yourself from the place of your littleness.  Rather than hooking into the old stories and giving fodder to the meaning maker who will elaborate on it and take you down a rabbit hole where you can feel stuck, lost and floundering, instead welcome what’s there as a teacher, which in turns becomes your teaching.

This is what it is to live your life as a Sacred Quest, where you are unfolding in a spiralic motion towards your greater destiny.

Don’t be deceived by the inner voices that are trying to protect you by keeping you little and safe, instead double down on your Spiritual warriorship and bring out your badassery.

Shake off the ankle biters that have you by the feet and are dragging you away from your true path onto labyrinthine roads that lead to nowhere.

Pivot back to what really, truly matters.

Remind yourself about what are you creating, and why this is imperative, and why you’re commitment is greater than your fear.

Live from your dreamings, aspirations and higher Vision, and let this pull you through into inspired right action and back onto solid ground, where you’re Soul-infused and purposeful again, focussed on realising your Vision and uncovering your greater contribution to the world.

This is your birthright, and is the Soul level reason you’re here.

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