Living with Visionary Purpose

Written by Toni-Anne Campbell

October 28, 2023

In the modern world, to live as a Visionary has become such a rarity that it seems like something that is only available to the special few who hold extraordinary powers.  Yet, ancestrally, we would all have lived with Visionary Purpose and would all have felt an intentional direction and flow of our life that was gifted by the Earth and received as the sacred dreaming for her people.

This was and is a birthright, not a special dispensation.

To live with Vision is to know why you are here, what’s yours to be, and why this is imperative, giving your life true meaning and generating a potency behind your actions.


“Where there is no Vision, the people will perish”

King James Bible


A Visionary is one who can see how the choices made today will impact future generations, where the critical moment is always now to act in ways that will shape a future that is not predetermined, but forever swirling as a primordial pool of potential that is brought forth into manifestation through our actions and intentions today.

This is held as a sacred responsibility and enacted as a custodianship of specific regions of ‘the map’ that are uniquely held by each person, as encoded in the Vision itself.

Today is always the first day.  This moment is always the first moment. When viewed through this lens, now is the hour to alter the trajectory of a life to bring it into sacred alignment with higher Vision.


Crucibles of transformation

We are each our own crucible of alchemical transformation that reconfigures itself through our desire for growth and new life, and this is fuelled by our willingness to jump right into the heart of things and to let ourselves change at the deepest level, in alignment with what we know to be True.

This is not a changing of jobs, relationships, careers or location, although these things may move as we do.  It is an inner shift that works on the axiom ‘as within, so without’, that affirms the change we wish to see in the world always begins with the reshaping of our inner world.

It is an inner shift that activates what is known in depth psychology as our medial nature, something that is commonly foreclosed by modern lifeways, and it is our medical nature that opens our ability to the multi-dimensionality of our world.

It is our medial nature that allows us to see both the seen and the unseen, the manifest and the unmanifested potential.  The Visionary will act from a place of the unmanifested potential with Faith that this is how creation works, formless to form and back again in infinite cycles of life-death-rebirth as inspired by Vision.

Vision is not something that is constructed by the ego, it is something received through this medial nature, and without it we are lost.  There is a necessary humbling of the ego, a shift from the logical mind into other ways of knowing the world, where the ego gives way, and instead of pushing its agenda, an openness to receive comes online where gifts from grace become welcome experiences in your life.


Swirling pools of potentiality

The Visionary knows that what has been revealed as a possibility already exists at a specific time-space co-ordinate point that can be located by a shift in consciousness that can happen at any moment.  There is an opening into what was previously unseeable, and life changes forever.

As our medial nature comes back online you’re able to hear your original instructions and act from this place day by day, moment by moment.  This is the living of your unfolding Vision.  When this shift draws forth a tangible result, bringing form to the formless, we call it a miracle, which is something that spontaneously springs forth from a deep listening and obedience to the voice of the Soul.

Living Vision is a picking up of a thread, yours, and choosing to be one who weaves it into the tapestry of a wider web of existence. 

Here you’re playing a role in the co-creation of Higher Vision for the living of your own passionate life, which will ripple outwards in concentric rights of impact.

You’re also bringing forward an as yet unmanifested Vision for Humanity that aligns with the Divine, that exists as pure potentiality, waiting as an action potential to burst into life should we unlock it with our listening and inspired aligned action.

This is where you can know you are operating from a place of passionate unfolding that’s investing in that which truly affirms Life.

This is where your responsibilities become your greatest joy rather than burdens that distract you from the truth that lives in your heart.


A sacred custodianship

To live as a Visionary, you are fully aware of the consequences of not acting, and yet as you are operating from a place of reinstated Free Will, your choice to act will be from a place of deep loving service, uncontaminated by fear and disconnected numbing.

This is where you are deeply embedded in sustainable systems of mutual care and benefit and taking your place as a custodian for your part of the world.

Encoded in the Vision are your instructions, what’s Yours to be in this great mystery of life and how you are to contribute to this Great Turning.  It’s here your true purpose unlocks and you begin to truly live.

To live with Vision is to move away from an entrapment in the normal waking consciousness that feels robotic and all consuming, where you are travelling in the flatlands, and you begin to open from the centre into the truth of your multi-dimensional nature that is your real existence.

No longer on the other side of the veil, knocking but feeling unable to penetrate the veneer that keeps full aliveness just out of reach. You will feel the veils part and a conversation can begin with the great mystery of Life itself, and these are instructions you can deeply trust to reinstate a sacred and precious flourishing.

Here you can trust that your actions are inspired and right at the level of Soul, and truly weave into a greater mystery of unfolding Higher Vision.

You’re occupying Your true place, your Holy place of belonging. Your Soul Home.

This is a restoration to a corruption in the way of living that is endemic to the modern world that has desacralized and reduced our lives to functions and roles, and is a reinstating of the full aliveness that becomes possible when living Vision.

This alone is a drawing forth of an entirely new timeline of existence for you, for me, and for all beings, and this is your greatest service.

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