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Your Soul Business Path has catalysed a process of deep questioning, dissolution and reckoning with your life,

Everything feels ‘at stake’ if you don’t heed the call to go now to discover the pearl located at the core of your soul self.

There is the felt sense that you may very well miss the purpose for your life if you don’t listen deeply to that which calls….

It’s imperative to you now that you ask the big questions you hold, in earnest, in the hope of being gifted with a mystery of your own to live into and share through a Business sourced from Soul,

You’re deep commitment is to discover who you really are, what has true value for you, what you live for, what you would die for,

You’re ripe to locate the promise that it would kill you to break…..


There may come a time on your Soul Business Path where the call is leave behind all of what known, to go inward and down, and to embark on a journey to seek the Deeper Mystery that is Uniquely Yours to live and share.

Your Business can be a Sacred Portal to Actualising your Full Potential as a Soul

Your Business holds the opportunity to be more than just financially profitable.

It can be key to the Liberation of your Soul that is seeking expression into the world through you,

to meet a specific cry that you are being uniquely prepared to answer,

and for your Business to be a perfect platform for you to do this in a way that is Authentic and Remains Loyal to your own state of Creative Flow and Soul Unfoldment……

If you’re here, you’ll know what I mean.

At this juncture….

What had value for you no longer does, at least not in the same way it used to,

what was important no longer seems to be,

what has motivated you in the past no longer works to get the juices flowing enough to even pick up the pen!

Your companions become….

For what have I lived, and does this remain true for me?

What is the true meaning for my life?

When does my real life start?

When do I get to experience my own pulse of aliveness, to be genuinely ‘in my bones’ happy?

And more……

There is an all but forgotten pathway of Soul Initiation, known by the ancestors, that¬† you at your deepest place of belonging, where you come to know who you are, why you’re here, and

A broken formula

There is a cry,

a longing,

a yearning

that is now being felt, heard and known by you.

You’re now paying ATTENTION to that which calls from your depths.

And you’re aware of what’s at stake – if you don’t, and what’s at stake if you do…..

However, you can no longer deny that you’ve been living for the wrong reasons,

trying to please everyone,

to be all things to all people,

so much so that you’ve completely missed YOURSELF in all the busyness of meeting expectations,

being the best at what you do,

maintaining a schedule that others call unrealistic but you just call life,

and following a FORMULA that has failed to fulfill its promise.