Returning Home to Your True Self

Written by Toni-Anne Campbell

February 29, 2024

Returning home to your True self is a great pilgrimage of the Heart, Soul and Spirit.  Fuelled by your desire to be in deeper connection with yourself, your purpose and the world, the journey holds the potential for you to ‘take your place’ within the web of life.

As you engage in this epic work of Soul-making, you are taking the spark of innate intelligence that lives as a potential within you and allowing this to guide and shape the next chapter of your life.

It’s your time to become fully You,

To shed the layers of being nice, and ‘good’, and always taking care of others,

dutifully working hard and following the rules,

but leaving your own dreams and longings in exile.

It’s your time to activate a remembrance of what is really possible for you,

where you know that there’s more inside of you for you to experience and become,

and you’re now ready and willing to name your deepest hopes as your inner imperatives.

It’s your time to become fully actualised.

You’re ready to restore a ‘truly you’ self-hood that’s anchored in an expanded awareness of your true nature and full capacity.

No more downsizing and playing small so you fit and belong in a world that has become too small for you!

Once unlocked, a new freedom of expression and aliveness is experienced that is your Sacred contribution to the world, something that flows through you, arising from the well-spring of your own Soul.

It lives beyond what you’ve been groomed and conditioned to become by ‘the world’ that is a limited version of what’s possible.

Here you’re living into your greatness and no longer shying away from it.

This is a pathway that opens doors to your highest creativity and expression that is uniquely yours to share with the world.  You become one who is blazing a trail guided by the light of your burning desire to know what it is to live a life that you can truly call your own.

Beyond compromise.

Beyond self-negation.

Beyond self-sabotage.

You’re ready to recover your birthright to live with a full aliveness and restore that which has felt exiled and alienated from all that is available to you in this Human life, that is your destiny.

It’s a return home to your greatest Spiritual nature as expressed through your Humanness, a merger of the Human and the Holy, and is a reclamation of your full Spiritual Inheritance.

It is sacred, beautiful and precious, and worth going out in search for, fighting for if necessary.


Catalysed by Soul

The return Home is catalysed by the Soul’s longing to merge with your heart and begins when the heart registers the absence of what is essential and integral to the flourishing life.

This is a nudging from Soul, saying there’s more here for you…..

Once this happens, the stakes are suddenly raised to a life-death level; I must go wandering in search of my own Soul if I am to ever truly live.

Dr Terarai Trent speaks of this in this way:


“Every journey begins with a dream.  How do we get in touch with dreams if we have let them sit idle or procrastinated on them for years? 

If we have listened instead to the voice of ‘reason’, doubt, or societal pressures that have seemingly required or asked us to ignore our deepest longings? 

It’s simple, you take back your power and begin again – by reflecting on your heart’s deepest longings.”

This is where the voice of the Soul can be heard once again in your life and begin to take the lead.

At this particular juncture in life, there is a great transition happening that is both within and beyond the self.  We become acutely aware of the extent to which we have felt like the walking dead, robotic and on auto-pilot.

We would now do anything to awaken to the real meaning of our life, to feel alive, on purpose and fully unleased into the world, as per our original instructions.

The prayer becomes more commanding; I will not live another day disconnected from my own Soul and true purpose!

There is a deep longing to know a Life that lives beyond the survival story, beyond striving and struggle.  To reclaim a Knowing that holds the truth of who you really are, viewed through the lens of your greater self; your own Soul.

This is a time in your life when you turn towards that which you’ve spent a lifetime organising around and finally make the choice to attend to the deep cracks that hold the exquisite pain of living this human life.

These are the things that have kept you small, self-silencing and following formulas that were keeping you safe, but hostage to a half-lived life. We habituate to, and on some level accept, that this is ‘our lot’, forgetting that there is more for you to live into and become.

This kind of robot auto-pilot mode has been rendered (nearly) invisible by its epidemic proportions, appearing normal.

Yet, there is a greater story that is waiting for you, and one day it comes knocking at your door.

You will know that your time has arrived to go out in search of the higher Vision for your life.


Great work of Soul-making

It’s true that our life experience mysteriously weaves into our Soul story, and if you track this thread deeply enough, you will find that your story merges with a greater collective mythos.  It’s your story and everyone’s story, and in the naming of this, you begin to occupy your deepest place of belonging.

You’re on a journey to locate the pearls of your experience and come to know how you’ve been designed to deeply serve the world.  This is a shift from feeling separate and identified with your personal suffering towards a transpersonal vision that can inspire an activism that truly makes a difference.

It’s also true that the seed of our Soul purpose is placed at the core of our deepest wounding; like the pearls forming into a string, where all of your experience fits together to create the through-line of a bigger story that is both sacred and precious.

And it’s yours.

As we journey, we deepen into very specific themes that repeat throughout the course of life that centre around your core wounding; here this wounding becomes Purposeful rather than a rehashing of old hurts.

As we turn towards our own sharp edges with an openness and curiosity, we are placing a balm over them such that they become medicine for ourselves, our people and the world.

It’s our Soul work to attend to this wounding and to name it Holy.  Turning towards them as inner deities that are our greatest teachers in this life as they hold the codes for our greatest Becoming and deepest service to the world.

In ‘The Seat of the Soul; an inspiring vision of humanity’s spiritual destiny’, Gary Zukav speaks of it this way:


“Just as you dispose of your physical body wastes and toxins, so too, dispose of your emotional wastes and toxins by finishing emotionally unfinished business….

by learning to work with and to honour your emotional currents of energy”

“By keeping your emotions clear, emotional negativity does not reside in you, and you become lighter and lighter. 

It brings you closer to unconditional love…it lightens the quality of your frequency.”

This, so we may be able to deeply listen to the undercurrents of Soul without distortion or contamination and to be guided forward from this place of clarity.

It means attending to what you’ve been avoiding, your grief, sadness, disappointments and pain so as to reignite the process of ensoulment that is forestalled when holding onto to undigested emotional material.

It’s a reaching downwards into your own depths where you can access the realm of all stored memory; that which is stored in your body, ancestral lineage, and collective memory.  From here you can remember the deep Truth and begin to reauthor your own Life story from this place of Wholeness.

As we turn towards the sharp edges of our inner being, there is an unlocking of what is frozen and contracted within you so that more can flow through the channels that are opening.  This will enliven and enrich all that it touches, and in essence brings you back to a Life that’s in alignment with your own Soul.

Here you’re making the necessary changes that will allow your life path to align more with your own greater destiny.

No more time wasted tracking a timeline that was a part of your Soul-mythos and informs your Great Work, but was never meant to entrap you forever.


Empowered by your own Awakening Soul

Your true self, and the Soul purpose that naturally flows from this place of authenticity, can only ever be located beyond the habits, patterns and defences that keep us from ever feeling this deep wounding.

Here you are making the choice to move beyond living in reaction and defensive protection, and turning towards the kind of living that is fuelled by the bold ferocity of your Awakening Soul.

The human ego will naturally find this process incredibly challenging and whole industries have been developed so we can try to bypass this sacred crossing towards our own fullness and Spiritual destiny.

Yet, if you are to move beyond a holding pattern where you’re waiting for your true life to start, to actively participate in the natural process of ensoulment and full flowering, this Soul work is a requirement.

Your veracious hunger to know your own Soul can support you as you journey through the trials, ordeals and initiatory crossings that is the process of Soul-birth.

Here you may come to know an authentic expression flowing from your true self, to feel the actualisation of your Great Work into the world, and to live your true life as inspired by your own Soul.


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