What is Soul Business Mentoring?

Soul Business Mentoring is a dynamic process of enquiry that looks beyond the ‘money metric’ of your Business and seeks to discover the ‘greatest conversation’ you can have with the world.  We are guided by your longing to be of deep service and your desire to fully activate your potential as a human.

There is an underlying assumption that a Soul Business offers you a profound opportunity to Become who you really are on a Soul level and for your Business to be a sacred platform from which you can share your Creative Offerings.  We are tracking the mytho-poetry seeking expression through you that is your unique Soul Signature that can be shared through your Business.

Soul Business Mentoring supports the creative unfoldment of your Business according to Natures Principles and your own Soul-level rightness, and works to align you with your deepest truth and inspire a Business that unlocks Soulful Abundance.

How can Soul Business Mentoring Help?

In practice, we are looking beyond enculturated beliefs that would typically guide the formation of your Business, shedding limiting and false assumptions about yourself, others and the world, so that your Business can be deeply anchored in Soul and Visionary Purpose.

You are consciously and intentionally opening to a process that reshapes you, realigning all aspects of your life such that Soul can take the lead and you can step into your co-creative powers.

Soul Business Mentoring places the reclamation of your Authentic Self, Soul Sovereignty and Visionary Purpose at the heart of the enquiry, above all else, and rests on Natures Principles that tell us your true Soulful Abundance lives here at your deepest place of belonging to the world and Cosmos.


There is a wedding of your Soul Path and your Business Path, and in this way your work becomes a sacred act of Becoming that is shared with your people as an alchemical shift in your Being. You’re invited to see your Business as a liquid mirror that reveals to you more of the ice-berg that would otherwise remain submerged and unconsciously informing your reality.

Is Soul Business Mentoring for me?

Soul Business Mentoring is not about the ‘6 figures in 12 months’ model that currently dominates the coaching industry, and instead focuses on creating a space that allows you to remember your own ‘spark of infinity’ which can be the well-spring of all that you offer to the world.

Here we are walking an ancient and modern pathway of Soul remembrance and embodiment that safeguards the sacred journey home to the truth of who you are, where you can discover the codes that inform how you can genuinely serve the world using your birthright gifts, powers and potency.

Soul Business Mentoring can help you if you are looking to experience the depth of fulfillment that comes when you are living your greatest love into the world, and you want to share your offerings through a Business that is deeply anchored in Soul.