What is Soul Mentoring?

Soul Mentoring opens a container that’s in service to remembering who you are on a Soul level, stripping back all the layers of ‘not you’, where you may open to receive the Visionary material that can become your North Star.  A firm alliance is formed that provides a steady touchstone as you wander into the underworld of mystery, psyche and Soul where you seek to discover the treasures located at your depths that can empower and guide you to authentically walk your Soul path.

There’s a shared commitment to support the process that allows your humanness to give way to Soul, recognised as the ground of your being that deeply knows what’s worth doing in your life.  Our work together supports a movement away from over-reliance on logic and mind-based over-functioning, towards a deep listening to the heart, intuitive senses and the Earths dreaming for you.  Here your offering in the world is sourced from the Soul’s well-spring.

On the Spiritual path, this is the journey of descent, that offers you the opportunity to live as your Soul, do what you’re Soul called to do, and embody your Spiritual capacity to co-create with Spirit.

The call to adventure signifies that destiny has summoned the Hero.

Joseph Campbell

Creating from Your Soul Codes

In practice, we’re looking beyond enculturated beliefs, social convention and familial templates that would typically drive the shape of your life, shedding limiting and false assumptions about yourself, others and the world.

We attend to the ways in which the ego has hardened and crystalised into survival patterns that obstructs the natural process of ensoulment, so your soul codes can come online to support the living of your Vision.

As you cross the threshold into your Soul Mentoring journey, you are opening to a process that holds the potential to reshape you into the image of your own Soul, realigning your life such that Soul can take the lead.

By the time her ego had formed, at age four or five, she, like everyone else, had misplaced the image with which she was born.  During childhood, after all, she needed to learn how to become a part of her human community and family with their needs to define her in a more or less limited way.  But now, years later, having secured a good place in the village world, she strikes out on her own in search of her lost soul.

Bill Plotkin

 Safeguarding the Sacred

Soul Mentoring places the reclamation of your authentic self, Soul sovereignty and visionary purpose at the heart of our enquiry, as these are seen as your inalienable Birthrights that allow the natural flow of aliveness, joy and love to be restored as your baseline.

The work securely rests on natures principles that support the seasonality, cycles and rhythms of your life, and operates from a deep trust in your organic self-healing capacity.

Soul Mentoring focuses on creating a space that allows you to remember your innate ‘spark of infinity’ that can fuel your visionary action in the world, emanating from a soul inspired well-spring.

Here you are walking an ancient and modern pathway of Soul remembrance and embodiment that safeguards the sacred journey home to the truth of who you are, where you can discover the codes that inform how you can genuinely and joyfully serve the world using your birthright gifts, soul powers and restored aliveness.

A life that is truly lived is constantly burning away the veils of illusion, gradually revealing the essence of the individual.

Marion Woodman

Is Soul Mentoring for You?

  • Your Soul Path has catalysed a process of deep questioning, dissolution and reckoning with your life
  • Your inner imperative has become a leaning towards the calling that’s coming from the depths of your Soul
  • You’re deeply curious to know more about your mystical nature and spiritual capacities
  • You’ve arrived at a place where you’re wandering into the unknown depths of mystery, psyche and soul to uncover the deeper significance of your own life.
  • You’re living questions that are untethering you from the known, shaking your foundations, and opening you to a new life aligned with Soul…..

Ask Yourself….

For what have I lived my life and does this still hold value that nourishes the deeper self?

What are my unique gifts to share, and with whom?

What calls me at the level of Soul Mission?

What gets to die so that I may truly live?

I’d love to hear more about what’s up for you on your Soul Path, and how I might be able to support you!