Stepping into your full power

Written by Toni-Anne Campbell

November 20, 2023

You are one who hears the call that rumbles from your depths and you’re leaning in to listen to what’s there to be uncovered,

You are one who cares about what’s happening in our world and you’re committed to doing your bit to contribute in a way that truly makes the difference,

There is a change you know needs to happen to preserve and protect our precious world, and you want to align your passions with something that’s in deep service to safeguarding it.

Maybe there’s a book that’s inside you that’s desperately seeking release through you,

Maybe it’s a passion project that has been sitting in the cupboard that you’re now ready to bring out and sing to life,

Maybe it’s simply a deep knowing that you’re not living authentically and this is driving you crazy as your greatest desire is to live fully expressed and on purpose.

Whatever IT is…

you feel there’s is a mission, a medicine and a message that’s encoded within you that NEEDS to make it’s way out into the world through you!

Your next level of empowering is calling to you as the another phase of your growth, deepening, and ever widening circles of expansion begins,

Yet you can feel yourself holding back, stalling at the threshold

You’re questioning yourself, and know that you’re not being really real with yourself or others…

Even if others don’t see it, there’s the knowing that you have potential locked within that’s unlived and in hiding which creates an inner tension where you simultaneously want to unleash your magic into the world AND run for cover!

There’s the understandable pull to seek refuge in the known, the comfortable, and the safe BUT you also know that the truth is you’re not one to shy away from a challenge, and you’re certainly not one to live a half lived life.

You know you were born for more, and that there’s a purpose that you’re here to live into and share.

If not for the deep calling to live in deep alignment with your Soul codes, where your sharing your unique take on the world with those who NEED IT, you might be able to ignore the knock at the door…

It’s so tempting to just stay home instead of stepping up to the threshold that takes you out into the wilds of your one true life, to break the rules and disrupt a system that you know is broken.  You know the drill with Soul-self alchemy, it’s HARD and asks everything, but somehow that’s what you’ve signed up for… a life of full expression, individuation, and actualisation.

You knew it wouldn’t be easy, but that’s all part of it, right?

You COULD remain in hiding, there’s always the free will choice, BUT there is simply no denying that the Vision IS there, and it’s now calling to you louder than ever!

Your next level of unlocking and releasing is here for you to lean into, it’s calling for you to shed the layers of programming that dull your full expression and has you speaking in half measures rather than cutting to the gods honest truth that wants to erupt out of you as an authentic sharing that comes from the depths of your own Soul.

You want to be fully HERE and expressed in a way that truly brings you alive and connects you with what feels wild, passionate and joy-filled!

That’s your birthright, your Soul-level baseline, and you know that it’s time for this to become your next level normal.

You’re here to serve your people deeply and with the integrity of one who is authentically walking a Spiritual path that asks for the real truth to flow through you from that place of alignment.

To feed your mission that you can see and feel NEEDS to be made real in the world, as the difference that will make the difference, even if no one else can see what you see.

To contribute in ways that brings in a whole new paradigm that can take you forward into the actualisation of your full potential, and serve humanity while you’re at it!

You know that all of this is inside you…

And that it’s your time to stop stalling at the threshold of your greater life,

to uncover the sacred ring of your authentic voice that connects with your Soul,

and to claim as truth that which is inside you to share, boldly and unapologetically!

Maybe it’s your professional voice that has a particular tone and protocol that denies you access to the full unfettered truth telling that you KNOW needs to be shared,

Maybe you don’t want to offend your family, your friends your colleagues so you speak in the voice you were trained to speak rather than break the rules that keep the poisonous pedagogy in place,

Maybe you’ve been conditioned to tow the party-line that you know is bullshit, that whatever is being peddled simply isn’t going to truly help in the ways you KNOW that it needs to, so real change can happen.

You are fundamentally DONE with seeing policies, practices and ideaologies that go nowhere and do more harm than good,

seeing people working agendas rather than a committed purpose that truly makes a difference and serves the whole,

seeing all your hard work going around in circles and cycles, only to revisit the same things that didn’t work the first time being implemented, AGAIN….

But that’s not you, never has been, and you KNOW that you’re committed to making a difference rather than serve the machine, living life on automatic pilot and hoping for the best!

As painful as it is to see your idealism shattered before you, you’re no longer blind to the inefficiencies and ineffectiveness that has kept you trapped on a merry-go-round where all your efforts are not actually shifting the dial on anything meaningful.

There’s a choice to be made,

do you give into bitterness and cynically resign yourself to riding it out and playing the game, accepting the perks but knowing that yet another cycle of burnout awaits you,


decide to turn inwards and commit to uncovering your true calling where you can step outside the system that downsizes you to the dimensions of a specific cog,

and start taking the steps into your FULL power and actualising potential.

This is where the journey to discover the thing that’s uniquely yours to BE begins, where you can allow it to flow through you EASILY and out into the world.

You know that we, as a collective, don’t need old practices being retried when they didn’t work in the first place,

We don’t need people working for their own success when it’s disconnected from the greater good and fuels the ever-widening gap,

We don’t need more of the same and to fearfully put our head in the sand hoping for a different result!

The world needs change makers, those who are ready, willing and able to see a higher vision for the world, to do the work, and to commit to living from that place of deep Soul alignment.

This means taking the leap of faith to do things differently and to know that you’ll be caught by the great mystery of Life,

This means trusting that what’s inside of you IS real and that it’s yours to ground and make manifest in service to all beings,

This means adopting the radical stance of responsibility, where you commit to attending to your personal work so you can stop leaking power, and turn towards the work to be done, instead of away.

This is a commitment to being a powerful being in the world where you can channel your magic into things that actually work and disrupt the system that’s so broken!

To be bold enough to call out the system that really doesn’t work and serves only the few, that’s completely unsustainable, and, let’s be honest, it’s changing anyway so you may as well be working with the evolutionary pulse rather than against it.

This does mean turning towards all the parts of you that feel not good enough,

not powerful enough,

not ready,

and to boldly cross the threshold into your greater story ANYWAY.

This is the Soul-self alchemy that recovers the powerhouse that is your own infinite self, and connects you directly with the powers of creation.

It’s here that your life can REALLY begin and your purpose can be tracked for discovery and embodiment, where you become a conduit point for the medicine that the world needs, and this becomes your greatest joy.

You have to get to the place where nothing matters more to you than uncovering your real reason for being, where you’re commitment to doing whatever it takes to unlock your purpose is fortified by the knowing that there is no going back to that old life,

the one where you were holding back,

the life where you were downsizing, staying small and in hiding,

and shoehorning your gifts into a role that uses a fraction of what you’re truly capable of.

This is a place of reckoning with your own life, where you see that what you’ve been investing in just doesn’t have the same magnetic draw, where you admit that you’ve lost the passion, the idealism, and the identification with who and what all of that was, and you acknowledge that none of this feels MEANINGFUL to you anymore.

There IS more, you KNOW it, and once you reach that place of deep knowing, you can’t NOT know it, so you can either sit in stagnation and go through the motions, while going crazy with frustration


You can step into the greater mystery of your life and truly back yourself with what is uniquely YOURS to be in the world!

This is not some grandiose pipe dream.  This is the path of Soul recovery and discovery, where you reconnect with the essence that is TRULY YOU and bring this powerfully forward for your people to see, to make the difference you KNOW you’re here to make!

This in itself is a revolutionary act –

Shedding the layers,

Being YOU,

Embodying your Soul,

and unleashing this into the world as a powerful message that you’re here and mean business!

This is where you know you’re on purpose and making the impact you know you’re here to make and you begin tending to what’s truly yours as the fertile garden of your own creative life.

You’re trusting the Vision and taking aligned right action that makes you a genuine change agent as ALL of you powerfully comes online to be expressed as the full actualisation of your potential, where you have become an agent in service to your greater Soul-infused mission in life.

It’s here you’re in your full power as a catalyst for real change as one who has accepted the challenge of living fiercely in alignment with higher vision and joy-filled service.

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