The Heart Wants…

Written by Toni-Anne Campbell

October 6, 2023

The heart wants….

Feel into the prompt.

Let yourself be moved into a response.

You’re invited to allow your head to rest, setting aside any advice it might offer around what you should want.

Instead name what is truly emanating from the voice of your own heart.


As I do this now, I’m noticing….

The heart wants to love in the only way that it knows; openly, freely, willingly and wildly.

The heart wants to feel and know the depth of a passionate outpouring that opens when the whole world becomes sacred other with whom we are having a magical affair.

Here the dew drops become beautiful jewels dancing on the spider silk,

The morning sunlight becomes a gift of grace that penetrates deep into the marrow,

The bird song activates a depth of remembrance connecting body with the invisible web of all creation.

Each heart has its own unique ring, no heart holds precisely the same resonance, and each heart longs to feel the vibration of another beating heart. 

It says: Are you out there, sacred heart?

The heart knows how it wants to love, how it wants to meet the world, how it wants to connect.  There is an ancient and sacred intelligence here, and perhaps our only task is to listen deeply to the unique pulse of our own hearts, and learn what our true desire nature has to say about things.

What might the world look like if this is the place from which we operated?

There is purity emanating from the core of the heart; the heart wants what the heart wants.

Here all fears around enoughness and worth, of value and place, have no foothold.  Instead, there is a championing by all things holy to move beyond the fear that armours the heart, to restore the original pulse of your own aliveness and joy.

The heart wants you to remember your own spark of infinity, it’s never forgotten the treasure trove of beauty that lives within you. 

The heart will remember, until you can.

The heart radically supports your homecoming where you are once again emanating at the depths of your own luminescence, and can bring this desperately needed restoration into a world that is literally starving to death.

The intelligence that springs from the heart knows that authentic expression is a sacred act that’s loyal to the Soul, and so will say what needs to be said.

Regardless of what feels at stake, the heart knows there is more beyond this old ground, and charts a course for the world beyond the world on our behalf, holding the hopefulness that we might find ourselves grossly lacking in.

Making our way back home to our very own heart wood, unearthing the truth that lives at the core, buried under thousands of years of silencing, invisibility, sanitizing and censoring, the heart longs to hear the resonance of accuracy and to see this unapologetically expressed into the world, safeguarding the journey home for all beings.

This is both a revolutionary act and a gift from the great mystery of life itself.

Here the heart finds strength and can at once be ferocious and tender, open and fearless; ferociously attending to that which requires tenderness, courageously opening to the vulnerability where the light can enter and true healing can begin.

From this hallowed ground, the heart offers itself as a safeguard for the sacred homecoming that allows each being to take their place in the grand design, rooted in love.



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