The Sacred Art of Voice Finding

Written by Toni-Anne Campbell

October 17, 2023

There is a sacred art to the process of voice finding.

It’s a delicate act of excavation, sifting and sorting as you dig deep into the parts of you that are most tender, made so by the simple act of living life.

Here the authentic self has been rendered speechless, her true voice altered to sound how it ‘should’, and her own voice lost in the mists of time.

Voice finding is…

Voice finding is a naming of the forces that have buffeted the inner core of self, rocking the foundations and creating unsteady ground so the true voice wavers and disappears into the backdrop, waiting for conditions to ripen so it can emerge once again and be heard, sometimes for the first time.

It’s an exploration of the forces that have shaped you into something that you are not, distorting the voice so it sounds more like an echo.  The voice has been changed and now holds a discordant ring that sounds acceptable, sickly sweet and willing to please, right and good, or at least we hope good enough.

Yet there is a horrible emptiness as the full resonant sound of authenticity catches in the throat, or perhaps the heart, possibly the gut.

There is a gripping where once there was a spontaneous flow that let rip the honest truth of each moment.

There is now constraint as fear has taken root and the stakes around authentic expression feel high, sometimes too high.  Here we go silent, betraying ourselves in the essential act of self-preservation.

The deeper Knowing is held hostage, covered by a nice veneer that speaks in the sing-song voice of the people pleaser, or the rescuer, or the caretaker.  All the while ‘the one who Knows’ continues to hold the truth that this is a gross disfigurement that compromises the voice of the Soul and silences the unique conversation that is truly yours to have with the world.

She bears witness to the one who is speaking all the right words, even if they lack the ring of truth, and accurately names this as suffering.

Voice finding is, in essence, the remembrance of your own Soul where the conversation you are born to have with the world is encoded, awaiting your attention and welcome.

Here in the subterranean cathedral of your Soul-self lives the memory of what is uniquely yours to say, where the Truth emerges from a radical empiricism, informed by what you have seen through your own eyes, felt with your own heart, heard by your own ears, and received as a gift to you from Mystery itself.

All of this coalesces into what is deeply Known and becomes that which must be spoken.

This is your Soul-level rightness, and to express from this place is a feat of genuine daring.

“Truth is the dare”


Soul remembrance

This type of Soul remembrance requires a certain kind of tenacity and it must at some point become your inner imperative to uncover the words that are truly your own, if the authentic voice is to ever take root.

We must get past the forgetting, and beyond the forgetting that we’ve forgotten.  

Not an easy task when the world colludes to keep you asleep and compliant, a know-nothing maiden who is yet to walk through the inferno that is the ground of her alchemical transformation and initiation into true Knowing and potent speech.

Within the modern world flat-lands there are few clues left to affirm that there is anything to look for at all, and you may have only a vague sense that something is not quite right, an unrelenting knowing that rumbles from your depths.

There is a whispering in your ear that there is something missing, something imperative and vital to reclaim that would nourish a sacred and flourishing life.

It’s a waking up from the trance and mystification that has had you hypnotically walking through life half asleep, bumping into doorways, ambushed by predators, and falling into snare traps.

At some point, by grace of Mystery, you find yourself following the trails into the depth of the forest, one foot in front of the other with destination unknown, but with an intact sense that something vital is there to be discovered, embodied and expressed into the world.

You are the conduit, perfectly prepared to say just this.

The labyrinthine task of uncovering the parts of self that have been cultivated to shapeshift, releasing them from the hostage situation they have been held in for who knows how long, and liberating them into your greater wholeness, is both the art of Voice Finding and Soul-making, as the Soul, once uncovered, can only speak the conversation you’re uniquely designed to have with the world.

This is the never before seen or heard, flowing through you, into the world.

This is a message that can heal the world and set your Soul free, and you’ve been specifically designed to express with precisely this Voice.

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