The True Significance of Your Life

Written by Toni-Anne Campbell

October 24, 2023

When you start to awaken to the true significance of your own life, it’s a mixed bag of emotion.

There is the relief and release that comes with the thawing of long frozen and locked experience, and like stretching after a long sleep, there is a sense of liberation as your energy starts to move from frozen to flow.

Yet, there is also the grief, loss and rage at all the years of investment in maintaining half truths and distortions that have redirected and sabotaged the walking of your true path.

It’s our ability to feel all that arises, not shying away from entering right into the heart of the ecstatic release or the painful sorrow, that allows us to shift to new ground.

This is an alchemical shift in Being that opens doorways into experiencing life anew, if we can only stand the turbulent waters that are characteristic of these times in our life.


The mythic knock at the door…

For a time, we are ice-skate through life, getting along, doing what we should, being good, and following the rules.

There is a knowing, but not knowing, about the real implications of diving right into the depths of your own life, a felt sense of what’s at stake if you dare to leave the village in search of the never before seen that could shake everything at the foundations.

You may on some level choose to stay asleep, denying the call.  In fact, this is precisely what happens, and archetypally you will naturally reject that which calls you from the depths, for a time.

It’s as though there is the mythic knock at the door, and we roll over, pull the covers up, and promptly go back to the comfort of sleep.

Certainly, there are rewards for remaining in the system, complying, conforming and ensuring no boats are rocked. However, in the backdrop of our awareness we wonder when our real life is going to start, knowing that this can’t be all there is, knowing that there is more inside to actualise and activate, but not being able to turn the crank that gets it all started.


The undeniable call for more…

There is a ‘thing’ for you to do, or more correctly, a place for you to occupy, but if you’re being really honest with yourself, you know that you are only scratching the surface of the potential that’s part of your own codes.

For some, there will come a time when the cry inside becomes undeniable and, at this time, you will begin seeking in earnest for the threshold to cross that will commence the psycho-spiritual odyssey that holds a promise of new life.

This is where you may be directly gifted new eyes from the life-death-life mystery of existence that will now allow you to live with true Vision.

Here lives a paradox;  you are likely to resist this crossing, bucking, bracing and avoiding with all you have, whilst also running towards it like a mad-woman thirsty to be saturated in the waters of the river below the river.

Here you can’t be taken deep enough into the nourishing waters of your true life.

We know this pathway exists instinctively and its calling card is the longing, yearning and felt sense that there is something missing, something not being ‘quite right’, like an opaque screen has been covering life so its visible, but the full wildness of really living remains just out of reach.

This is the wisdom located in your animal body that lets you know that there is more inside of you to be expressed, shared and contributed to the world.  It’s this corporeal intelligence system that is to be trusted beyond all else because it’s your body that knows the way home when the cultural frameworks have been shattered.


Initiatory Pathways

We walk this path intuitively, if we are willing, as there are only fragments left of the initiatory pathways that can guide a woman home to herself, and most exist at the fringes.

You will have to look with all your eyes – outer, inner and the eyes within the heart, if you are to discover these threads, the red ones laid down for you by your own Soul.

If a woman decides to cross the threshold into the mysteries, she will begin by tracking what is stale, overly domesticated, suffocatingly restrictive, or rotting in her life – here a woman is directed towards her own depths and the death of the life as she has been living it.

She will begin moulting what is no longer of use, what no longer serves, what has become too small for her.  It will all be released for composting.

She will hold the prayer that there will be beauty for the ashes, that something of true value will come of the decent into the Earthy underworld realms, a boon to share with her people.

Archetypally, this is to walk into the deep, dark forest where she will have to face the Baba Yaga, a force located within us all that will devour one who dares to show up to her unprepared.

This becomes the Soul’s Quest to discover the mystery that lives at the centre; to uncover a Vision to live by that will forever feed the creative fires.

But first we must prepare, and then descend into the psyche and Soul to see what we are truly made of and to receive the fire that will fuel the Vision.

Only here can our roots deepen, letting the intelligence that lives in the root system seek out nourishment, water and rich soil in which to extend and call home.  We all long for the ripened fruit to eat, but first the roots must deepen and discover that which affirms true life.

Guided and fuelled by the deep ache for greater fulfillment and expression of your Souls purpose, the Sacred Quest for ‘something more’ begins, you’re then on the trail to disocver something that holds enduring value.

If called, you may very well discover something with a hint of magic that can be called Yours alone.



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