Hi, I’m Toni-Anne,

I’d love to share with you a little bit about my journey, and some of what inspires my approach to Soul-based Mentoring.

Throughout my working life, I have been devoted to a dynamic and purposeful enquiry into the foundations that underpin a psychology of liberation, moving beyond the primary healing paradigm that currently dominates the field of Psychology, and towards a more complete map that includes the terrain of our wholeness, freedom and the actualisation of full Human potential.

It’s clear to me now that this has been a sacred calling from my own Soul, guided by inner vision to safeguard the pathway home to true self-knowledge, personal source connection and a Soul inspired approach to living that serves the Earth and Life itself.

We all long to be seen, felt, heard, gotten and known at the deepest level, for our lives to have meaning, and to contribute authentically in a way that allows our heart to sing and our Soul to be free.  My work opens a container where this sacred work of soul-making can occur.

Pathways towards Liberation

The intention to anchor a liberatory psychology cataysed a personal journey that has been resolute in its call to move beyond the intellect, concepts and abstract theoretical knowledge, as one might get from a University degree, course, and schooling in general, and it has commanded the shedding, deepening and ripening that genuinely allows Soul to take root.  This is a path of direct revelation which has opened portals of perception into the depths and realms of the below and ‘in between’, looking beyond socio-cultural norms and the taken for granted assumptions about what it means to be fully Human, sovereign and alive.

In essense, this is a seeing at, into and through the human-ego self that operates purely through the physical mind and explores how this self has organized itself in a modern ego-centric, consumer-capitalist world in order to achieve survival needs.  Beyond that, there is the opportunity to dive deeper into the embodiment of the mystical nature, Soul-self and spiritual capacitates of a fully human being.  This unlocks the very real potential to live life in sacred alignment with your Soul and Visionary Purpose, that can organically unfold as a conscious co-creation with Spirit.

This work relates to the Journey of Soul Initiation as mapped by Bill Plotkin at the Animas Valley Institute that helps us to remember the fruits available from the descent aspect of ones’ spiritual awakening.  Here you are offered the opportunity to locate the jewels at the centre of your sacred wounding, and encouraged to explore the Visionary seeds located at the heart of painful life experiences that can become the source of true power once alchemised.

This is also a response to the spiritual bypassing that disproportionately focuses on the ascension journey, a rising above your pain, and a therapeutic stance in the modern world that aims to support the comfort of the ego through healing alone, getting rid of pain, rather than supporting the transmutation of your life material into power, purpose and potency.

This is that work.

We are looking beyond the enculturated self, into your deeper mystical nature to release your full spiritual capacites that are your Birthright as a Human.

Reclaiming your Birthrights

My explorations now inform a distillation of practice and space holding that draws together the quiet competence of a psychotherapeutic container, the depth and expansion of consciousness offered through the wisdom and nature-based traditions, and embodiment of a Soul-self alchemy as laid-bare through my own underworld journey, Soul initiation, and unfolding Vision.

My approach rests on my work as a psychologist, tracking the developmental origin of character styles, protective armouring and automatic habits that crystalize into who you think you are and creates a specific bandwidth of experience that is limited by this shroud.

Standing on the bedrock of your humanness, a space is created to untangle distortions, limitations and inaccuracies arising from your life experiences, shoring up of the foundations of human development so Soul is safe to emerge.  As we work towards the dissolution of the armoring and self-protective strategies that downsize your presence in the world, doorways can open that allow you to reclaim your birthright capacity to live with love, joy and the calling that comes from your Soul.

Through an attuned embodied listening and ‘witnessing at the depths’, I am holding space for your psycho-spiritual awakening where your ego self can become a handmaiden for Soul, visionary purpose, and the joyful living of your true life.

Safeguarding Your Sacred Flame

I invite a depth of alliance and intentionality, offering my own soul-self in service to supporting the sacred flame that is who you truly are on a Soul level, as an enactment of my own Vision. I offer a heart-level commitment so that the Truth of you may manifest in the world in tangible ways, in full alignment with your Soul codes and original instructions.  As you unburden from outdated protective strategies, distortions and untruths, I hold a Vision for the highest expression of You to move into the world, where you can feel empowered to live into valued goals, pathways and desires that align with your Soul Calling and Visionary Purpose.

I’d love to hear more about what’s up for you on your Soul Path, and how I might be able to support you!