Hi, I’m Toni-Anne,

I’d love to share with you a little bit about my journey, and some of what inspires my approach to Soul-based Mentoring.

But, before I do that, I’d like to take a moment to pretend we’re just two Humans sitting on the couch having a chat.

Let’s be Real and open this space so that Soul is safe to arrive, and when ready, to speak.

Let’s create a container where the real work for our times can have a space to flourish.

Let’s allow the embers of your Vision to receive the breath that will ignite your dreamings so they may become a crackling fire that warms the world.

Your Soul, unleashed

As a Soul-based mentor, my work operates at the intersection of psyche and soul.   Here a space is created for the human and divine aspects of your greater wholeness to be welcomed and witnessed, where your Soul is unleashed to freely express through your Humaness.

This is where you know you are making a difference with your precious life at the deepest level.

I provide a psycho-spiritual holding to support you as you navigate the depths of your own unfolding Soul Path towards your greatest fulfillment.

This terrain is both terrifying and ecstatic.

A guide on this journey supports ‘efficient’ navigation through the deep canyons of Soul Initiation, and opens the possibility that one will benefit from what can be a harrowing journey of Soul Recovery, reclamation, and renewal.

Despite (or because of) it’s challenges, it’s also a journey that opens the doorway to your own true life.

This work is done through the portal of your own innocence as we strip back and discover the YOU who lives beyond the toxic and shame-based enculturation process.

I believe words are power, and we need to learn and remember a new language to open portals of perception beyond what we’ve always thought and believed.

Once we have maps and models that have been named, spoken and languaged, the keys to our own freedom are rendered visible and accessible again.

It’s here that we naturally find ourselves moving up and out of closed-loop systen of pain and trauma cycling, and moving into our greatest inheritance.  Here you are nurtured into your wholeness through your reconnection to your deepest Nature (your Soul) and the Earth (Great Mother).

I offer this work to support the grounding of your hopefulness that there are pathways home to Yourself, deep and loving connection to your people, and reinstatement within the web of life, the more than Human community.

Here you are in a sacred service that is drawn from the well-spring of your own Soul that is your greatest joy.

Yet to get here, where you are living from a place of joy, sacred contribution, and deep connection, takes the depth work of Soul.  In all honesty, my own path has been messy, circuitous and greatly challenging at times, but that’s what it takes to birth your own Soul.

These are the alchemical fires that burn away what’s no longer needed, so you can stand in your True Power.

In offering this work my hope is that I can smooth the path and make it more direct for you.

The truth is, we need ensouled Humans now more than ever to save our troubled world.  I offer this work in Sacred service to that, where your Soul may be unleashed and you can live with joy, purpose and deep loving connection.


We all long to be seen, felt, heard, gotten and known at the deepest level, for our lives to have meaning, and to contribute authentically in a way that allows our heart to sing and our Soul to be free. 

My work opens a container where this sacred work of soul-making can occur.

Pathways towards Liberation

Throughout my life I’ve been a seeker.  A seeker of knowledge, a seeker of wisdom, and perhaps a seeker of the difference between the two!

  I’ve always had a veracious curiosity around what makes people ‘tick’ and as an introvert masquerading as an extrovert (yes that’s painful!) I found myself as a participant in my own experimentation to be free from the mask and to know true freedom.

When I was in grade 4 I watched the great Australian movie ‘Strictly Ballroom’, and there was a line that struck me as if the voice of the universe had spoken directly to me:

“a life lived in fear is a life half lived!”

The idea that there was a full life somewhere beyond fear was deeply seeded and I was hooked!  I reckon I became a seeker from that moment onwards, looking for this promised land beyond fear and into full aliveness.

So fast forward to my working life where there is an obvious throughline that reveals this deep current, where I have been devoted to a dynamic and purposeful enquiry into the foundations that underpin a psychology of liberation, moving beyond the primary healing paradigm that currently dominates the field of Psychology, and towards a more complete map that includes the terrain of our wholeness, freedom and the actualisation of full Human potential.

It’s clear to me now that this has been a sacred calling from my own Soul, seeded when I was 8 years old watching a movie.

I can see the invisible hand at play here, guiding my path with a vast intelligence that I interpret as my instructions to play a role in reseeding (remembering) genuine pathways home to true self-knowledge, personal source connection and Visionary purpose.

This liberates our full aliveness, unlocking a Soulful abundance, and its our our Birthrite to live from this place.

The Truth is….

The truth is that on some level I was asking for MORE.

My deeper knowing told me something critical was missing, but I couldn’t see the missing piece reflected in the culture around me.

I was looking for something that would crack me wide open into full aliveness where I would know that I was living my greater destiny and that my life really meant something in the grand scheme of things.

This didn’t seem on offer when looking at the ‘menu’ offered on Main Street (as it were).

My longing for more catalysed a personal journey that has been resolute in its call to move beyond the intellect, concepts and abstract theoretical knowledge, as one might get from a formal eduction, and it has commanded the shedding, deepening and ripening that genuinely allows Soul to take root.

This is a path of direct revelation which would typically have been guided by the ancient Mystery Schools (and by Elders within community beyond that) where initiatory pathways into free thinking and true sovereignty could unfold according to nature’s principles and along foundational lines of human development.

However such schools have been all but lost to us in the modern world, and we are now weaving old and new threads to grow ourselves into Potentiated and Visionary Humans, something we are all designed for and something that holds the key towards a positive future that affirms all life.

Unlocking Potential

My own journey of remembrance now informs a practice that holds and takes care of the self that has been hardened to survive, something that makes it impermeable to Soul.  I create a space to support the shift to move beyond the protective armouring  to dive deeply into the embodiment of your mystical nature and spiritual capacitates of a fully ensouled Human Being.

This creates the very real potential to unlock your greater destiny, and to live your Visionary purpose in alignment with your own Soul.

I draw on models such as the Journey of Soul Initiation, Wild Mind (Nature-based map of the Human Psyche), and the Soul-centric developmental wheel as mapped by Bill Plotkin at the Animas Valley Institute that helps us to remember, and prepare to claim, the fruits available from the descent aspect of ones’ spiritual awakening.  Here you are offered the opportunity to locate the jewels at the centre of your life experiences, unlock your own mytho-poetry (the song, poem, dance or motif that is your soul image) and nurture the Visionary seeds that can become the source of true power and Soul-level impact.

I also draw on my experiences of, and training in, Vision Quest, Vision Quest Protection and Facilitation (Stalking Wolf Lineage) that have become embodied maps into the unseen realms that open doorways into deep nature connection and our true Spiritual Inheritance.

We are looking beyond the enculturated self, into your deeper mystical nature to release your full Spiritual inheritance that supports a Soulfully Abundant approach to life which is your Birthright as a Human.

Reclaiming your Birthright

My explorations now inform a distillation of practice and space holding that draws together the quiet competence of a psychotherapeutic container, the depth and expansion of consciousness offered through the wisdom and nature-based traditions, and embodiment of a Soul-self alchemy as laid-bare through my own underworld journey, Soul initiation, and unfolding Vision.

The container rests on my work as a psychologist, tracking the developmental origin of character styles, protective armouring and automatic habits that crystalize into who you think you are and creates a specific bandwidth of experience that is limited by this shroud.

The work is also a firm response to the spiritual bypassing that disproportionately focuses on the ascension journey (building a bridge over your pain), and a therapeutic stance in the modern world that aims to support the comfort of the ego through healing alone (getting rid of pain), and instead focuses on the transmutation of your life material into Sacred Purpose.

Standing on the bedrock of your humanness, a space is created to untangle distortions, limitations and inaccuracies arising from your life experiences, shoring up of the foundations of human development so Soul is safe to emerge.  As we work towards the dissolution of the armoring and self-protective strategies that downsize your presence in the world, doorways can open that allow you to reclaim your birthright capacity to live with love, joy and the calling that comes from your Soul.

Through an attuned embodied listening and ‘witnessing at the depths’, I am holding space for your psycho-spiritual awakening where your ego self can become a handmaiden for Soul, Visionary Purpose, and the joyful living of your true life.

Safeguarding Your Sacred Flame

I invite a depth of alliance and intentionality, offering my own soul-self in service to supporting the sacred flame that is who you truly are on a Soul level, as an enactment of my own Vision.

I offer a heart-level commitment so that the Truth of you may manifest in the world in tangible ways, in full alignment with your Soul codes and original instructions. 

As you unburden from outdated protective strategies, distortions and untruths, I hold a Vision for the highest expression of You to move into the world, where you can feel empowered to live into valued goals, pathways and desires that align with your Soul Calling and Visionary Purpose.

I’d love to hear more about what’s up for you on your Soul Path, and how I might be able to support you!